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"That is such a smart mouse, I can't believe it. Do you want to know what he did? You'll read that in the first story," Elephant says. The story of giving ...

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"That is such a smart mouse, I can't believe it. Do you want to know what he did? You'll read that in the first story," Elephant says. The story of giving birth to their friendship is published as an iPad app on the App Store. "Mouse & Elephant become friends" is the moving story of Elephant going for a walk to the lake but then gets trapped in a bad situation. There he meets Mouse and they end up being friends. In the story there are animations and sounds that children can playfully discover. This app provides a delightful adventure for young children, with fun animations and sounds. Children can listen to the narrator (UK, IT, NED), but also an adult can tell the story. The beautiful illustrations of Lea Vervoort offer a lot of space to tell the story of Mouse & Elephant in your own way . About the author Liesbeth Helsdingen Liesbeth is a teacher living in The Netherlands. She loves writing. This story is the first from a series of seven books written by Liesbeth Helsdingen (1963). Liesbeth teaches at a primary school. With great pleasure she tells stories to the children every day. One day she decided to write her own story. It had to be recognizable for the children but also educational, funny and touching. And so, Mouse & Elephant were born. About the illustrator Lea Vervoort Lea is an illustrator based in the Netherlands. She believes that the world is even more beautiful, crazy, fun and mysterious than we already think. With her young -and slightly naive- view of the world Lea delivers illustrations that stand out. Her illustrations are surprising and beautiful with lots of (crazy) little details that'll attract your attention right away. With her imagination she makes the world shine and washes away life's everyday troubles. This way, her message will always reach the reader. Lea graduated from the Art Academy St. Joost Breda (NL) as an illustrator, in 2012. Meanwhile she has already won several awards. - BoekieBoekie Start Award 2013 - Double winner of HiiBrand Merit Award 2012 - Breda Art Award 2012 graduation rate - Double winner of Nijgh and Ditmar 175 years book cover contest 2011 Updates Currently, the narrator in French, German, Spanish is not available yet. In one of the next free (!) updates they will become available. KNOW WHAT'S INSIDE As a MOMs with Apps member, we follow the "Know what's inside" best practices for kids’ apps


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