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产品概述 《星猫å‱å‱跳跳》一共4期,每期4首儿童歌曲,共含16首适合孩子çš„歌曲, 包含完整歌曲和伴奏音乐,是一款为孩子量身定做çš„娱乐软件。 功能特点 ...

Discontinued App


产品概述 《星猫å‱å‱跳跳》一共4期,每期4首儿童歌曲,共含16首适合孩子çš„歌曲, 包含完整歌曲和伴奏音乐,是一款为孩子量身定做çš„娱乐软件。 功能特点 *目录浏览 设置了目录页面,使操作更简单方便。 *图片精美 卡通风格,色彩ç‟动活泼。 *听歌曲 优美çš„儿童歌曲,健康活泼,专为孩子量身定做。 *听伴奏 方便孩子学习歌曲,随着伴奏æ¼â€å‱。 欢迎使ç
更多StarQ其ä»–幼教产品。 Product Overview “Star cat sing and dance” includes 4 issues, and every issue contains 4 children’s song. It altogether has 16 songs suit for children, includes complete songs and music accompaniment. It is entertainment software made for children. Function Features ·Catalog browsing We set up the catalog page to simply and convenient the operation. ·Fine pictures The picture is cartoon style, with lively color. ·Listen to the songs Beautiful children's songs, healthy and lively, tailored designed for children. ·Listen to accompany Convenient children learn songs, singing along with the accompaniment Welcome to use more early childhood education products of StarQ Company.


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