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“星猫英语系列Ӎš„单词篇,以主题分类方式引导孩子,为孩子们提供了熟悉çš„场景,并在每个ç‟动çš„场景里配以相åºâ€Ã§š„英语单词和逼真çš„音效,让孩子通过具体物品和场景来认知单词,通过有趣çš„互动来加强记忆,达到轻松快乐学单词的目çš„! Follow ...

Discontinued App


“星猫英语系列Ӎš„单词篇,以主题分类方式引导孩子,为孩子们提供了熟悉çš„场景,并在每个ç‟动çš„场景里配以相åºâ€Ã§š„英语单词和逼真çš„音效,让孩子通过具体物品和场景来认知单词,通过有趣的互动来加强记忆,达到轻松快乐学单词çš„目çš„! Follow Star-cat to learn English "Star-cat English Series"- Word Article: theme classification approach to guide the children, to provide children with a familiar scene, and in each vivid scene with the corresponding English words and lifelike sound, let the children through the specific items and the scene to understand words. Through the interesting interaction to strengthen memory, it may easily achieve the purpose of happy to learn the words.


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