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产品概述 《跟星猫学成语》上下两集共含32则适合幼儿学习çš„成语,每则成语除包含一则动人çš„成语故事外,还有发人深思çš„启示和ç‟动çš„例句,让宝宝在感知成语çš„起源çš„过程中,充分了解成语çš„含义以及ç
法。全书图文并茂,有利于提高宝宝çš„阅读兴趣,增强在学习过程中记忆çš„深度。 功能特

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产品概述 《跟星猫学成语》上下两集共含32则适合幼儿学习çš„成语,每则成语除包含一则动人çš„成语故事外,还有发人深思çš„启示和ç‟动çš„例句,让宝宝在感知成语çš„起源çš„过程中,充分了解成语çš„含义以及ç
法。全书图文并茂,有利于提高宝宝çš„阅读兴趣,增强在学习过程中记忆çš„深度。 功能特点 *目录浏览 设置了目录页面,使操作更简单,学习更方便。 *翻页功能 自动翻页和手动翻页两种功能,适合您不同çš„阅读需求。 *图片精美 卡通风格,色彩ç‟动活泼。 *动态效果 简单çš„小动效和人物对话,让宝宝更感兴趣。 *示范发音 点击发音,方便跟读。 欢迎使ç
更多StarQ其ä»–幼教产品。 Product Overview “To Learn Idioms with Star Cat” contains two sets of 32 idioms fit with young children to learn. Every idiom has a moving story, besides that it also with a thought-provoking inspiration and vivid example. All of that can make the children fully understand the meaning of the idioms and the usage in the perception of the process of idioms origin. The book with excellent pictures can improve the baby's reading interest, and strengthen the memory in the process of learning. Function Features ·Catalog browsing We set up the catalog page to simply the operate, and convenience the learning. ·Page flip The two functions of auto flip and manual flip can fit your different reading needs. ·Fine pictures The picture is cartoon style, with lively color. ·Dynamic Effects Simple small touch effect and dialogues let the children more interested. ·Demonstration pronunciation Click the words to pronounce, convenient to read after. Welcome to use more early childhood education products of StarQ Company.


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