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“左a右b”是一个色彩斑斓çš„字母王国,小字母们和ä»–们çš„兄弟姐妹身穿不同颜色çš„外衣,排着队去参加国王çš„宴会。国王根据每个小字母的特征,为每个人都精心安排了一个特别çš„位子。每个桌子ç‱不同çš„字母组成一个独特çš„单词。快带着您çš„孩子来帮小字母们找位子吧。“左a右bӊ¸“为低幼儿童而设计,让您çš„孩子在娱乐中学习日常单词çš„拼写。高清çš„单词插ç※、真人发音加之有趣çš„单词拼写模式,让您çš„孩子在娱乐中进步。 购买此款APP软件,您可以得到: 一款适合儿童使ç
çš„学习游戏模式 180个日常单词çš„拼写与发音 180张与单词对åºâ€Ã§š„高清插ç※ 您çš„孩子将会得到以下能力çš„提高: 180个日常单词çš„拼写能力 180个日常单词çš„英文发音能力 如果您有任何关于如何提高我们APP软件设计çš„建议,欢迎您发邮件至aspiring@live.com,我们很乐于接受帮助我们提高çš„意见以及建议。 Word spelling is a colorful kingdom of English letter. Wearing colorful coats, little letters are going to the king’s party in a queue with their brothers and sisters. In accordance with their features, the king carefully arranges a special place for every letter. Every table comprises different letters to form a fixed word. Come and let your kids look for the right place for little letters. Word spelling is designed for your toddler to play and learn how to spell daily words at the same time. Your child would make progress while being entertained with the HD word illustrations, real person pronunciations and the interesting word spelling mode. Buying this app, you can expect to get: One for child easy-to-use educational game mode 180 daily word spellings and pronunciations 180 HD word illustrations Your children will improve their skills in the areas of: Ability of 180 daily word spellings Ability of 180 daily word English pronunciations If you have any suggestions on how we could further improve the design of our apps, please leave us a message at aspiring@live.com. We always appreciate comments on how to make our apps even better.


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