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★☆Get Science Village today for 75% off ($3.99 → $0.99) ★☆ Science Village ★☆ Our body works hard every day, and even it makes sounds. What is our body ...

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★☆Get Science Village today for 75% off ($3.99 → $0.99) ★☆ Science Village ★☆ Our body works hard every day, and even it makes sounds. What is our body composed of? And how does it move? Let's explore the mystery of our body with Mungchi! ★☆ Story ★☆ Mungchi, an alien from the faraway planet SW-0118, embarks on a journey on the spaceship Pio to meet new friends. Mesmerized by the beautiful planet Earth, Mungchi was trying to land when his spaceship hit a small planet. He crash-landed on a small village on Earth. Having lost key parts of Pio by the crash landing, he can't even go back to his home planet. The village he landed in is Science Village, where those who like science live. Mungchi is fascinated by everything on Earth. Together with many friends from Science Village, he learns about the human body, matter on Earth, nature, 4 elements and energy, physical laws, Earth and space. He also collects Pio's lost parts one by one and make repairs. Once all of Pio's lost parts are gathered, Mungchi wants to invite all of his friends from Science Village to his home planet SW-0118 and have fun. Will Mungchi's hopes come true? ★☆Menu★☆ Science village 'Human Body' -Episode 1. Mungchi from space (Intro) 2 .Things that skin does 3. Magic camera that looks inside the body 4. Relieving constipation 5. Why do we run out of breath? 6. I can know it! 7. Which hospital should I go to? 8. Pio is all cleaned up (Outro) -Science education game 1. Quiz race 2. Catch germs! 3. Mungchi's exploration inside the body ★☆ FEATURES ★☆ The camera will recognize hand gestures, enabling an amazing learning experience. Starting from "4 elements and energy." iPad2 or higher. Fun science education game Each volume contains 3 education games which were designed by educational game experts based on John Keller's ARCS model. Scentific theories can get boring, but not if they're learned by playing games! Doing so increases learning effectiveness as well. Have fun making photos With game items and backgrounds obtained after a game session, you can make fun photos by combining photos of children, family and friends. Amazing episodes for learning science Each volume is composed of 6 episodes. High-quality animations and bi-directional interaction keeps children engaged throughout their learning experience.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 224.64 MB


Price: 0,99 €

Developed by woongjin thinkbig

Day of release: 2012-01-27

Recommended age: 4+

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