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产品概述 《跟星猫学唐诗》是一部集点读点播于一体的视听多媒体电子书。 共30首适合幼儿学习的经典唐诗,优美的吟诵,让孩子更容易体会唐诗的韵律美;大幅的场景插图及精准的唐诗译文,让幼儿在背诵唐诗的同时,感受诗与画的完美结合,了解诗句的含义,增强理解力与记忆力。配有相应诗朗读、有声译文,还能通过观看动画更直观的感受诗的意境。 功能特点 ...

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产品概述 《跟星猫学唐诗》是一部集点读点播于一体的视听多媒体电子书。 共30首适合幼儿学习的经典唐诗,优美的吟诵,让孩子更容易体会唐诗的韵律美;大幅的场景插图及精准的唐诗译文,让幼儿在背诵唐诗的同时,感受诗与画的完美结合,了解诗句的含义,增强理解力与记忆力。配有相应诗朗读、有声译文,还能通过观看动画更直观的感受诗的意境。 功能特点 *目录浏览 设置了目录页面,使操作更简单,学习更方便。 *图片精美 古典卡通风格,中国风画面,身临其境,易于理解。 *示范发音 翻页自动发音,点字发音,方便跟读。 *动画观看 直观感受,提高趣味性,激发学习兴趣。 欢迎使用更多StarQ其他幼教产品。 Product Overview “Learning Tang Poetry with Star Cat” is an audio-visual multimedia e-book. It contains 30 classic tang poetries suit for children learning. Beautiful reciting let the children more likely to experience the rhythmic beauty of tang poetry. Substantially scenes illustration and precise tang poetry translation also let the children feel the perfect combination of poetry and painting, understand the meaning of the poem while reciting them, and enhance the understanding and memory at the same time. It equipped with corresponding poetry reading and audio translation. Children can feel the artistic conception by watching animation more directly. Function Features ·Catalog browsing We set up the catalog page to simply the operate, and convenience the learning. ·Fine pictures The classic cartoon style, and Chinese style pictures make you personally on the scene and easy to understand the meaning. ·Demonstration pronunciation Flip to be automatic pronunciation, and click the words to pronounce, convenient to read after. ·Flash Animation The intuitive feel will raise the attraction and stir up study interest. Welcome to use more StarQ company’s other early childhood education products.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.0

Size: 46.7 MB


Price: 0,89 €

Developed by Nanjing Hegu Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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