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Here is the scenario: You’re away from the office. Your iPhone reminds you that you have a conference call to attend. The invite contains the toll free ...

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Here is the scenario: You’re away from the office. Your iPhone reminds you that you have a conference call to attend. The invite contains the toll free number AND participant code, but your iPhone cannot dial them together at the same time. So, you have to search for something on which to write down the code (a post-it, or napkin) so you can remember it, and then manually enter it at the right time. No longer!! With Conference Me, simply hit the NOW! tab and dial directly into your conference call with one easy step. Looking for a different meeting? Look up the meeting from your calendar on the Search tab, or cut and paste the toll free number AND CODE from an e-mail or note, and Conference Me will not only dial the number, but after pausing a few seconds, will DIAL THE PARTICIPANT CODE FOR YOU!! Here’s how it works: Simply go to the NOW! tab and if you only have one calendar invite for the current time Conference_Me will dial you directly into your meeting. If you have multiple meetings you will be asked to pick the correct one. You can also go to the Search tab and look for a specific meeting invite with dial in information. Conference_Me will then show you what it found, even letting you pick from multiple numbers in the same entry. The just hit the Dial It! button. Conference Me will then launch the phone, dial the conference call number, pause a few seconds and then dial the code automatically! You can also select the conference call toll free number and participant/host code together in one highlighted section from an e-mail or a note or anywhere on your iPhone. (It doesn't matter how much text is around, or between, the numbers.) Copy the section to the clipboard. Open Conference Me and hit Paste on the Dial tab. Hit Try It! to confirm that your “Phone Number” and “Code” are correct. You can change them if necessary. If needed, you can also adjust the number of pauses your iPhone will wait before dialing the code. When you are ready, hit Dial It!. A Recents tab keeps a history of all the calls you have made from Conference Me. If you select a number from the Recents tab, it will dial it. Not only that – but if you select the blue arrow to the right of the number, you can add it to your iPhone Address Book under an existing contact or create a new contact. You can also add a title to the call and add it to your “Favorites”. The Favorites tab is just that … a list of your favorite conference call numbers and codes. From the Favorites tab, you can dial the number and code directly. You can also edit your Favorites title, phone number and code if needed. It is that easy! I hope this application makes your life just a little bit simpler!


Technical specifications

Version: 6.0.1

Size: 498.05 KB


Price: 0,89 €

Developed by Matt Erickson

Day of release: 2010-12-16

Recommended age: 4+

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