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About 3DMouse aka cycMouse
The 3DMouse turns your smart phone into a wireless mouse built on touch(2D)/gyro(3D) ...

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About 3DMouse aka cycMouse
The 3DMouse turns your smart phone into a wireless mouse built on touch(2D)/gyro(3D) sensors with WiFi/Bluetooth connections. It's started just as a simple mouse with a keyboard, but evolved to a fun mouse: providing a glimpse of activities of various sensors built in your phone and facilitating a control/monitor function over a remote PC with touch/click/move on the PC screen captured at your phone.
(Note. For use with no WiFi APs, see the below)Get Started1. Check if Jave Runtime Environment installed on your PC
2. Install PC Server on your PC(Windows XP/Vista/7)
(cycServer40 at http://mouse.cyclops.co.kr/)
3. Run the Server on your PC and the App on your phone
4. Touch the “Connection” button on your phone to select and edit the options.
5. Calibrate the mouse movement using the “Setup” button if needed. * The bluetooth connection would not work depending on the bluetooth software package installed on your PC and phone.
* The current version supports only the English keyboard.
* To drag, point and touch longer, then start to move.* To make WiFi connection without WiFi APs around;
find in the user manual at http://mouse.cyclops.co.kr)*** Update ***
cycMouse (3DMouse) 1.8.1
+ A new PC Server required (cycServer40):
* Yut/Marble/Camera removed (found in cycSensors)
* Web Server at both PC and Phone
* File Upload/Download (in Landscape Menu)
* Screen Lock if Screen Saver set (at PC Server)
* Overall features simplified and cleaned up
3DMouse (cycMouse) 1.80/1.79/1.78
* Bug fixed at Discovery on API Level < 9
* Quick fix for crash on Auto Server Discovery
(at some Ice Cream Sandwich devices).
* Fix for a wrong Local IP on such devices,
when Hotspot is on.
3DMouse (cycMouse) 1.74-1.76
* Quick fix for tablet w/o phone#
* Hotspot visible
. WiFi at Main Menu
- Scan APs,
Connect to one selected.
- Find reachable IPs,
Make a connection if selected
- FTP Server: enable download/upload
using FTP client at PC.
- Hotspot: for connection to PCs
without APs.
. PC Files at Landscape Menu.
- PC Directory lookup
- Open a file on PC
- Download a file to Phone.
. Camera at Landscape Menu (for fun)* Default password: Phone No.
* 3DMouseServer31, required.


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Version: 1.82

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Developed by Cyclops

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