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Let A+ FlashCards transform your iDevice into an efficient study tool. This simple yet powerful application is seamlessly integrated with Quizlet, allowing ...

Discontinued App


Let A+ FlashCards transform your iDevice into an efficient study tool. This simple yet powerful application is seamlessly integrated with Quizlet, allowing you to create custom cards and decks, add audio and more. Never fail another subject! Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today! Want an easier way to prepare for any test or exam? Just download A+ FlashCards and you’ll have the ultimate portable learning tool right in the palm of your hand. A+ FlashCards is very easy to use, with a simple but powerful interface that only has what you need. No clutter, no extra stuff you’ll never use, just a clean presentation to help you focus on the task at hand. This application has full, seamless Quizlet integration. Easily create flashcards on their website then import them into your personal deck. You can also create custom decks from within the app and never worry about losing them. Why? Because A+ FlashCards has you covered, with an email deck backup system to protect your work. For an additional memory trick, or for learning subjects such as Art, where you need to be able to identify pictures, add images to your flashcards from your camera or camera roll. While you’re giving yourself some extra memory help, why not record some audio to be put into your flashcards? You only need your device’s microphone and a voice. Combine sounds with images and the facts on the flashcards and you have a powerhouse of study help, as well as an incredible method for learning languages. Ready to test your knowledge? Switch to ‘Study Mode’ and begin the app-generated quiz. Don’t worry about keeping tabs on how you’re doing, The app keeps track of your answers and statistics history so you can see your progress. You’ll know which areas you’re doing great in and where you need improvement. Check out some of the features in A+ FlashCards: * Incredible study tool, makes studying easier and more effective * Beautiful, simple, intuitive user interface * Create and add decks with the free flashcard sharing site quizlet.com (Internet connection needed only for initial download of deck) * Add custom decks from within the app * Backup feature allows you to email deck backups to yourself * Powerful settings page allows you to customize flashcards * Choose which side you will view first * View cards in order or shuffled * View cards in portrait or landscape mode * Add images to flashcards using device camera or the camera roll * Record audio using the device microphone and place into flashcards * Test your knowledge with the “Study Mode” which creates a quiz for you * Mark cards as “Mastered” once they have been learned * Mastered cards can be removed from quizzes * Automatically keeps quiz statistics and history to track progress * Upload flashcards to Quizlet website (COMING SOON) Download A+ FlashCards right now to begin.


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Version: 1.2

Size: 11.91 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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