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Record any kinds of grade, and Track and Compare it through graph!! ------------------------- - Should be my grade improving now? - How different my ...

Discontinued App


Record any kinds of grade, and Track and Compare it through graph!! ------------------------- - Should be my grade improving now? - How different my previous grade should be from my actual grade? - How much effort should I make for my future target grade? You had been so worried of your result so far, but were you not easy to manage it? Now throw all of your worries away with A+ Grade Tracker! A+ Grade Tracker will help you to manage your school record easy and conveniently. Not only the grade of SAT, GRE, TOFEL, JPT, but also school record including daily pop quiz and vocabulary test! The user can appoint any type of test to manage, and see your grade leveled up on a graph. Also, you will have a function that allows you record your promises for better grade on motive calendar and check if it is well being kept every day, which will correct your wrong life habit. Even 7 users can be registered in a program for your family (children, brother and sisters), lover, friends, where a privacy function to protect your grades so the other people could not see your grades! Then, the first step for your better grader! Stand by A+Grade Tracker! 1. Students that want to manage language test grades(TOEIC, TOEFL, JPT, etc.)in person 2. Students that want to record simulated test grades one by one 3. Students that want to manage school records systematically 4. Students that want to record and manage course score 5. Parents who want to manage their children’s grades 6. Students that want to check study habit every day on a motive calendar 7. Students that want to see a comparative graph among each subject or test 8. Students that want to manage the study group member’s grades 9. Teachers that want to see their tutoring students’ change of grades 1. Set and Manage your wanting test 2. Manage 7 students’ grades 3. Give a support of check list and motive calendar 4. Compare grades by graph 5. Record test information 6. Make a memo of record 7. Make an easy correction of existing data by calendar and list 8. See change on a graph and list 9. Give 5 various supports of background 10. Privacy Function(Password Setting) 11. One Touch Back-up/Recovery --------------------- If you have any question about A+ Grade Tracker, Please send e-mail to us. forme82@nate.com


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