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A1-A Treasure Coast Bail Bonds

Being arrested is a traumatic experience, but when your bail is posted too high to pay, things get complicated. If you`ve been arrested in St. ...

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Being arrested is a traumatic experience, but when your bail is posted too high to pay, things get complicated. If you’ve been arrested in St. Lucie County or Fort Pierce, bail bonds are available and you can get out of the Rock Road Jail to be with your family again and even work while waiting for your court date. Bail is designed as a guarantee, to make sure you come back for your court dates. If you don’t appear on the designated dates, you won’t get the money back. Unfortunately for many, the bail is usually set fairly high. In some cases, it’s just too high to pay. There are many reasons for this, with a variety of factors considered by the judge. These include things like previous offences, the flight risk and other factors. If you don’t want to spend your time in the Rock Jail while waiting for court then a bail bond may be your only option to leave the Rock Road Jail. We Help You Legally Leave the Fort Pierce & Rock Road Jail If your St. Lucie bail bonds are too high, it can be very difficult to pay it. Even if you have the money on hand, can you live without it until the bail is repaid? Most court cases take at least a few months to resolve, in bigger cases, it can take over a year. Are you prepared to wait that long before recovering your bail amount? Still can’t pay? There’s a solution. We can help you out by posting bail for you and you’ll be free to go home from the Rock Jail, though you still need to appear in court. We require only 10% of the total bond if your case is a state one and 15% if it’s federal. These are government mandated fees, so you won’t be paying too much. When we pay your St. Lucie bail, we are guaranteeing the courts that you will show up for your hearings. That’s a big responsibility that we take very seriously. We’re happy to help you out and make sure that you can continue your life while waiting for the hearing. So download our app today to see how we can help! - Learn more about our Company - View our services - Perform a Warrant Search - Contact Us - Get a Bail Bond - and so much more...


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