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A1 POS B to B Wholesale Retail

A1 POS B to B Wholesale Retail SERIOUS APPS FOR SERIOUS BUSINESS There are more than 21 iTunes apps available. For more detail information visit the developer ...

Discontinued App


A1 POS B to B Wholesale Retail SERIOUS APPS FOR SERIOUS BUSINESS There are more than 21 iTunes apps available. For more detail information visit the developer support site. The A1 POS B to B WholeSaleRetail app is a completely new design based on the A1 Pos Mobile Pro application. During the redesign of the A1 POS Fast Retail app, the features added there made it clear that the POS Mobile would benefit from these changes and a redesign of the pricing system used to set price levels for business customers. All iTunes apps purchased include a free companion app for PC or Mac. View developer site for obtaining companion apps. Important: It was brought to my attention this week 11/11/2013 that the "Sync to the computer" companion feature for my iTunes app will no longer be supported under IOS 6 and 7. This affects about 18% of the app users who have requested the companion app for this purpose. The sync capability has run its course and now there are new ways to work with the companion apps. If your an IOS 6 or 7 user contact me to learn about new ways to connect. I am in the process of developing new replacement apps for iTunes that include advanced features. 1. The A1 POS Mobile Pro app has a 20 year plus history of usage and design changes. It was clear that the pricing system that has been in use for years could be improved and made easier to use. The goal of the redesign was to reduce the user input to the minimum, and make the new design clearer to understand. This was accomplished where the inventory items screen pricing level input was reduced to fewer field inputs that offers a simple to understand process. 2. The improvement did not stop with the price level system in the inventory. The same data fields are a part of the sales screen where this data is shared in the sales portal screen one click from the item being added in the invoice. 3. The principal difference in the POS apps is the pricing approach in the wholesale and retail version. All of the new features in the A1 POS Fast Retail app are included in this app. 4. One of the first things you’ll notice is a completely new user interface. The application has used tabs to consolidate the screens for faster access and input of data. 5. The screens were redesigned to allow faster input. The New invoice has been changed to include the standard price, a drop-down list for sales tax, and data fields to be used for quote information. 6. The addition of UDF (user defined fields) will be used to allow you to add your own data field sets when there was a need to add data for unavailable fields. 7. The main menu was redesigned to allow for buttons instead of icons that are more descriptive for the screen to be accessed. 8. The app includes a screen built-in with a calendar for forecasting, and appointment tracking in any event required to be scheduled. 9. A very important new feature is the language tabs on screens that is also included on the different screens through a tab. This tab allows the user to modify headers, fields, and other text on the screen to rewrite in the local language. This will include the ability to add money symbols in field headers. These are features that were requested and will be included in this version. 10. The payments are entered on the invoice input screen. User comments were that this was a handy location to take payments for invoices. 11. If your sale involves a need to deliver an item you sold, the address on the customer screen is used to show Maps with the exact location and directions to the customer location. 12. The account ledger that was a part of the POS retail app is included in this version of the fast retail out. The ledger may be used to do read conciliation of bank deposits, or bank statements. In addition the sales table now includes a line by line checkbox to aid in doing bank balances, and statement checking. 13. A separate expense screen is used to manage monthly expenses, and non-income producing costs.


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