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A1 Serviceman Business 1.031

A1 Serviceman Business v 1.031 SERIOUS APPS FOR SERIOUS BUSINESS! The iTunes application is based on our very popular computer program that we designed ...

Discontinued App


A1 Serviceman Business v 1.031 SERIOUS APPS FOR SERIOUS BUSINESS! The iTunes application is based on our very popular computer program that we designed a few years ago. Now this program has been developed for the iPad. Important: It was brought to my attention this week 11/11/2013 that the "Sync to the computer" companion feature for my iTunes app will no longer be supported under IOS 6 and 7. This affects about 18% of the app users who have requested the companion app for this purpose. The sync capability has run its course and now there are new ways to work with the companion apps. If your an IOS 6 or 7 user contact me to learn about new ways to connect. I am in the process of developing new replacement apps for iTunes that include advanced features. All iTunes apps purchased include a free companion app for PC or Mac. View developer site for obtaining companion apps. Background: “Knowledge is power” (Francis Bacon 1620); to manage information in today’s fast moving world, you need every way possible to acquire knowledge. I have been designing management systems for 35 years, and I have seen the result firsthand what benefits are gained from a business that spends the time to track information. This app is designed to gather data quickly and to provide answers for businesspeople to improve their business knowledge. Screen snapshots are not the quality of the actual app. App Overview: There are many talented people that have found a great business of being a serviceperson. There are too many types of service businesses to name. The draw of being your own boss and being a business owner today offers many benefits. This A1 Serviceman Business program was designed for the serviceperson who wants the capability to do the following; 1. Schedule customer work tasks. The program includes an appointment schedule to set service date and time scheduling. 2. Track work labor and materials and mileage to bill customers. Provide an invoice for work performed. Email the invoice from your computer, iPhone, iPodTouch or iPad. 3. Use this program to manage income and expenses. 4. Track deposits and bank transactions for each client invoice. 5. Track and manage purchased materials. Use past work tasks to estimate new projects quotes. Maintain a items purchased history by customer invoice. 6. Apply taxes if required and track taxes for state and federal reporting. 7. Manage accounts and do reports on income and expenses, labor and materials utilized. 8. Have the ability to gather data for billing and schedule business on while the road. 9. Use a portable device like the Apple iPhone, iPodTouch or iPad to manage data on the road. No matter what service you provide, this app will improve your business. Read the A1 Serviceman Business help file at our support web site for more details. http://sites.google.com/site/appsbyvaughnclement/ Note: a computer companion apps is available on the support site for PC/Mac users. Serviceman Features: Working as a serviceperson means you’re on the road all day. You need a tool like the A1 Serviceman Business to allow you to work anywhere. If you’re purchasing materials at the wholesale hardware, or reviewing past purchases for the best price, you can work smarter with this program. Bidding work materials is now as easy as reviewing a past work task, and using the data from the materials log in this program to bid the new task. Setting up your schedule is now a whiz with the work task scheduler. Enter your schedule; later print or use the work schedule for that day or coming days. You can see your days, weeks, and month future work schedule to load new work tasks, and not overload your work schedule. Review past work for a scheduled return to a customer to see what you did on your last visit. Keep notes to track problems, or additional work beyond the scope of the work you quoted.


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