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A1 Travel Expense Pro iPad Business travel is not always simple! There are times when for one reason or another travel can be difficult. Most travelers ...

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A1 Travel Expense Pro iPad Business travel is not always simple! There are times when for one reason or another travel can be difficult. Most travelers can recall stories of the lost reservation, the hotel desk that insists you did not make a reservation. Well now there is a portable tool that keeps all of your travel data. Even better it works on the Apple iPad. NOTE: Please use the support site to obtain a PDF Help file with detail information. Description This iTunes app is one of the most complete business travel tools available. The original app was created for the PC and Macintosh, and recently it was upgraded for the iPad. The program was designed to offer everything you need for travel data. You will never again forget a reservation, or flight data because it will now be at your finger tips. Add data anywhere at any time. Take notes at meetings; arrange meeting schedules, and track agenda elements. Assign actions at meetings, track attendees and decisions made at the meetings. Make restaurant reservations, and add the data for the reservation to your program. From the iPad as you edit and add data to screens, the data is building your travel expense report. The KISS (keep it simple stupid) system is the ideal way to manage data, and A1 Travel Expense Pro was designed to be the KISS tool for the iPad. Plan your travel using A1 Travel Expense Pro. Setup your air travel, hotel and rental car, and add the data to the respective screens. Use tap links to e-mail or to go to listed web sites. Make a screen shot of any screen and email the screen snapshot to other employees for them to review. What screens are in A1 Travel Expense Pro? From the main screen you can navigate by tapping on tabs to quickly access the following; 1. The travel expense form; this screen is used to acquire data from other tab screens during travel. When you return to the office, you can sync this data to the computer to review and print the expense form. This app includes a free fully functional matching desktop computer version app. 2. Air Travel Tab; this screen is used to enter all information about air travel reservations. In addition there are fields to add contact data for the airline. The fields become tap links for quick access via the internet make email contact. 3. Hotel Reservations; this screen is used to add all data about your hotel reservations. This screen also has tap links to access the internet to contact the hotel. 4. Ground Transportation; plan your ground transportation using the internet. Add the data like phone numbers, and ground transport options. If subways are available, add notes or links to the map site for the data. 5. Restaurant Reservations; as required, you can either setup reservations, or take appointments for meetings at restaurants. Keep notes and if needed use tap links to confirm reservations 6. Meeting Agenda; from your office, or in route you can define what meeting agenda items you want to accomplish. At the meeting or in your hotel, edit the records to update the agenda for the next meeting, 7. Meetings; setup meeting times, dates, and attendees who will be at the meeting. Track decisions made, and who will have actions that are required to make the decision happen. Individually assign action items to staff or your action items. Email the screen to other employees to keep them informed to any changes. Read the A1 Travel Expense help file at our support web site for more details. http://sites.google.com/site/appsbyvaughnclement/ Note: a computer companion apps is available on the support site for PC/Mac users.


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