***** A title from our extremely successful series -- all SIX (!) RANKED #1 APP FOR KIDS on APP Store in many countries: ANIMAL PRESCHOOL SHAPE PUZZLES ...

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***** A title from our extremely successful series -- all SIX (!) RANKED #1 APP FOR KIDS on APP Store in many countries: ANIMAL PRESCHOOL SHAPE PUZZLES - FIRST WORD HD, ABBY MONKEY 7+2 First Words Preschool, ABBY MONKEY - Animal Games For Kids HD, ANIMAL TRAIN - FIRST WORD HD, ANIMAL PRESCHOOL WORD PUZZLES HD, and ABBY MONKEY - First Words for Preschool: Animals HD) All three other products ranked in TOP 10 in EDUCATIONAL category. Your beloved Abby Monkey brings you another app! This time, she prepared three very special activities only for you to enjoy and celebrate happy Easter together! Let your kids have fun while perfecting and practicing their creativity, memory, and fine-motor skills! All of this in just one app! ----------------- In a colorful, Easter-themed Menu, you can tap on one of the three icons and choose a desired game. The three games included are: 1) Easter Match 2) Coloring Book 3) Make an Egg 1) Easter Match is a classical memory game, where you need to find two corresponding pictures. The whole game consists of three rounds, and children are always praised for their efforts at the end. The difficulty of the game can be adjusted to suit your child developmental needs (Easy: 8 cards; Medium: 15 cards; Hard: 18 cards). 2) Coloring Book offers six black-and-white Easter-themed pictures. The children will fall in love with the cute pictures and will have great fun coloring them! Let's get creative and make the bunny all pink and yellow, or paint the eggs in all the colors of rainbow! What's more, each of the picture offers an option for a child to take an inspiration from a pre-colored picture preview. This option, however, can also serve as a great memory challenge when the child looks at the pre-colored picture and then colors from his or her memory to match all the coloring! Another great option is the option to save the picture to your iPad gallery, so that you can share the joy from your child's masterpiece with all your family and friends! 3) Make an Egg is a simple game that teaches children to recognize differences. By tapping on parts of the egg, children have to alternate different color patterns on the eggs to match a target egg. Once the task is accomplished, the sliced egg parts slide together and children receive their well-deserved praise. In total, there are three levels of decoration difficulty, each with six colorings. So have fun, and make as many eggs as you can! ----------------- Based on our two-decade old experience in development of educational software, we made a considerable effort to ensure that this app is as simple and instructive as possible. We hope your children will appreciate and enjoy this app as well.


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