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ABC Alphabet Phonics

** Thank you Apple Australia for making this app part of Staff Pick!! ** ** New and Noteworthy in many stores ** ** Updated voice with better accent ** ...

Discontinued App


** Thank you Apple Australia for making this app part of Staff Pick!! ** ** New and Noteworthy in many stores ** ** Updated voice with better accent ** ABC Alphabet Phonics is a fun and intuitive educational app for kids to learn English Alphabets. App provide fun learning environment and engages children using various learning techniques. * Explore * An app in itself. A clean and simple arrangement of all the alphabets, along with familiar objects with the same starting sound. Every element in the screen is clickable. Hear the sound of the alphabet, hear the sound of objects that have the same beginning sound. * Read Yourself * A full screen view of a single alphabet. Kids can choose between uppercase or lowercase. Kids can also choose to hear the phonetic sound of the alphabet or the sound of the alphabet. * Tracing * Choose from the rich color palette and trace the alphabet. Double tap to clear and trace again. Hint with arrows for each letter, both upper and lower case. * Alphabet Dance * Our kids love this feature. A random letter with its objects comes on the screen dancing. Play, play and play here, pinch the alphabet or the picture, drag them anywhere on the screen and just have fun. * Puzzle * A puzzle game to drag alphabets into their correct spots. This helps kids in familiarizing with the alphabet order. * Quiz * Quiz to test the understanding of alphabet sound. Tap to listen to the object and identify the alphabet that makes the beginning sound of that object. * Features * - Toggle between uppercase and lowercase at any point - Choose to start with alphabet sound OR phonetics - Introduction with vowels and their sounds Fliplog kidbooks is a series of interactive, multi-lingual digital books. Using elegant design and interactive user experience, Fliplog helps children enjoy conventional books in the new digital medium. We love to hear from kids and parents. Your feedback is very valuable to us, it helps us in developing awesome apps that kids can enjoy. Visit our community outposts for sharing your thoughts and suggestions: Facebook http://facebook.com/pages/Fliplog/111829385500335 Twitter http://www.twitter.com/fliplog For more information visit http://www.fliplog.com For complete list of Fliplog kidbooks, search using 'fliplog' keyword on App Store. Thanks for using this app. Copyright 2011 Apptility Software Pvt. Ltd.


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