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A- Award winning app that effectively teaches young children to read and write. B- Bubble-popping, alphabet-singing fun. C- Cute animal friends introduce ...

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A- Award winning app that effectively teaches young children to read and write. B- Bubble-popping, alphabet-singing fun. C- Cute animal friends introduce kids to the joy of learning. "I enjoyed the ABCDay app and thought that kids would appreciate the fun aspects of learning. I feel that the interface and navigation are very kid-friendly and younger children could probably play on their own or with the help of an adult. I will be using this app with my son and encourage those with younger children who are learning their ABC’s to check it out!" ~ The iPhone Mom blog "ABC Day works on practicing both uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet. The app has a simple navigation system making it very user-friendly for a young learner. Each section also has a different background music to listen to while learning the alphabet. There is a bubble at the bottom of the page (on each section) called A-Z which allows the child to pick from the entire alphabet which letter to choose to work on. Therefore, if one needs extra practice writing or seeing particular letters, one can conveniently hit that button rather than go through the entire alphabet." ~iHeartthisApp An outstanding tool for education, ABC Day encourages kids to read, write, play, and sing their way through the alphabet. Straight forward navigation permits easy gameplay, and lively animations captivate children as they plunge into a vibrant undersea world. ABC Day is packed with four delightful sections, each with its own unique music and activities. (1) Reading Time! P is for Penguin. Identify letters of the alphabet by reading along to the names of loveable animals living in the aquatic wonderland. (2) Writing Time! Catch stars. With the assistance of a friendly turtle, trace a sequence of stars to practice drawing letters. (3) Play Time! Tickle a seashell until it releases new friends. Each animal that appears has a letter missing from its name. Test memory and spelling by bursting the bubble with the correct letter inside. (4) Sing Along! ♫ Sing aloud to the alphabet song. Pop letter-filled bubbles or simply watch them float as the song plays. Dive into a rainbow coloured classroom under the sea with ABC Day! Features: * Suitable for ages 2 and up. * Award winning. * Designed for small children learning their ABC’s. * Read, write, play, and sing! * Effortless, intuitive navigation. * Kids can learn at their own pace. * Children interact with adorable animal friends. * Siblings and friends can sing along together. * Ideal night time activity to help put kids to sleep. * Complements preschool and kindergarten curriculums. Download it now! Your little ones will have fantastic fun learning and playing with an app that has been so carefully designed to meet a child's needs. We love to help your little ones to learn and are always giving away promotional items to those who FOLLOW US ON : LIKE US ON : ## To see more about this educational app, you can watch the demo video


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