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What reviewers, bloggers, users say about us? • "While there are lots of ABC app for iPads on the market “ABC For Little Scientist for iPad” stands out ...

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What reviewers, bloggers, users say about us? • "While there are lots of ABC app for iPads on the market “ABC For Little Scientist for iPad” stands out because of its content, and that’s why your child is going to love it. " • "ABC for Little Scientist’s letters all give kids and parents the opportunity to talk about different scientific concepts. “B is for Bacteria” offers a magnifying glass with moving bacteria; “L is for Lightning” lets you touch clouds to create lightning bolts, and “U is for Universe” offers a movable 3-D collection of planets." • "We can’t say this one of a kind app, once it stands in a very competitive category (ABC apps), but if you are considering to widen your kids vocabulary is certainly worth the buy for the fair price." • "Transform your child into a little scientist with this alphabet app for iPad." • "...If you want to start your kid off talking about science and exploring, this fun app is for you." • " My final thought? It’s nice to see a non-traditional flashcard app, one that strays from apple, ball and cat." Winner of "Kids Apps Awards" with 5 star ratings! ______________________________ Watch our preview trailer here: From the moment the A pops onto the screen till the time the Z fades away, children(and the not so young) will be absorbed by this attractive app. Mind you, this is not your normal A is for Apple alphabet learning tool. Increase your child's vocabulary base with words like A is for Astronaut and K is for Kaleidoscope and introduce them to the sciences with the answers to questions like, “What is the largest ocean?” in a fun and interactive manner. Children are challenged to figure out which objects on each individual letter screen they can pinch, push, drag or click in order to make them move, change, talk or make a noise. Simultaneously they will be hearing each letter pronounced properly, used in a word and then repeated in a related sentence. Taught through sound, sight, recognition, association and interaction, children will improve their listening, motor, cognitive and memorizing skills. Features: • Unique interactivity of each letter will keep your child busy for hours on end and have them coming back for more. • Phonic Sounds • Words corresponding to each letter used in correct sentences • Science knowledge base • Expanded vocabulary • iPad and iPhone/iPod versions available. • Ease of use and portability • Original and creative artwork • Male and female voice toggle • Upper and lower case letters Learning the alphabet has never been as fun nor as easy as with the ABC for Little Scientist! If you have any queries or comments please send us an e-mail @ We are grateful for any feedback. The team @ ABC for Little Scientist!


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 56.91 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Common Extract

Day of release: 2011-07-16

Recommended age: 4+

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