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ABC Learner

ABC Learner is a fun and interactive game to help children of all ages begin the early stages of reading thru pictures and simple words. Similar to the ...

Discontinued App


ABC Learner is a fun and interactive game to help children of all ages begin the early stages of reading thru pictures and simple words. Similar to the approach used by Montessori's around the World, ABC Learner provides multiple levels to focus the sounding of simple words (three to five letters) that are associated with pictures. Built by and for both school teachers and multilingual parents from Germany, Poland and the United States, ABC Learner mimics the same methods, techniques and practices these multilingual parents and teachers used themselves to learn and teach multiple languages. ABC Learner is both special and unique in that it provides a random set of interactive images. Focusing on simple letter words, users are given phonetic objects they sound aloud and select from three options displayed below the image. These words are made up of the correct word plus two random ones. The application offers three levels to choose from: Level one focuses on simply associate a picture to a single word, level two is for association of a image to two words (one correct one incorrect) and level three is for associating the word to the image and selecting the word that is NOT displayed. The application is easy to use and extremely intuitive for the kids. ABC Learner has solidified its roots in the Montessori reading curriculum and provides the basic means for associating the individual letter symbols with their corresponding phonetic sounds. Easy navigation and diversity of over 50 objects makes it a fun and positive experience for the children. Settings and preferences allow a parent to enable or disable any or all sound effects, number of flashcards per game, type of letter (lower or upper case), use of emotions or symbols, vibration for correct/incorrect answers and more to customize what's best suited for their child's learning experience. The application is currently available in English and will be localized into German, Polish for version 1.5. *** FEATURES *** 1) Total customization of the game to provide immediate feedback for both Correct and Incorrect answers 2) Customizations include playing sounds, vibration as well as the use of Emotions and images 3) Rich and Fun set of images for sounding 4) Professionally developed by a US based company with hundreds of years of commercial development expertise 5) Multiple levels of play included for single application experience 6) Results provided upon completion of each game providing summary of Correct / Incorrect as well as Time to Complete 7) Fully supported with free updates and enhancements visit www.intothesurf.com/apps for more information and support on our line of applications and other services offered.


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Version: 1.1

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