ABC Phonetics Deluxe

Do you have a kid? A child that is currently at the phase of learning letters and numbers? This application is just what you need to help your children ...

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Do you have a kid? A child that is currently at the phase of learning letters and numbers? This application is just what you need to help your children learn the letters and their pronunciation. With our easy to use application your kids will learn their ABC fast and easy. They can tap on each letter to hear a spoken version of it, or play a small Guess game with your help and the ??? button. Usage: - Learn Alphabet - Listen to some nice pronunciation - Fun for kids and adults and whole family - Tap a letter to hear a pronunciation of a letter - Tap ??? to hear a pronunciation of a random letter - Upper case and lower case letters available (tap on Aa button) Additional information - Professionally recorded speeches - Clear and steady voice of a lecturer - Great for kids and children if they want to learn their ABCs - Great educational tool for all parents - Easy to use even for the youngest kids FROM THE CREATORS OF OTHER EXTRAORDINARY APPS (games, prank and joke apps, screamers, tests, soundboards, funny apps, free apps, amazing movie loops, fake detectors, etc): Moronizer - Your NEW Funny App (Prank Moron Game, Test and Trivia) 4 Seasons Night Stand, A World of Lullabies, ABC Phonetics, NATO Phonetic ABC - Soundboard Angry Kittens Attack, Crazy Puppy Massacre, Quick Tap Reflex Baby Talks ( Bubu, Gaga), Bark 'n' Woof ( Doggy Sounds ), Burper ( Belch and Burps), Men at Work (Drill, Jackhammer, etc), Death Screams (the Agony), Fart Shaker (Shake up your Farts) GameBox Arcade ( Oldschool SFX ), Kitty ( Meow 'n' Purr ), Laughter ( Addictive Laugh ) The Gun, WAR (Machine Gun, Bomb, Explosion, etc), Bird Tweets ( Tweeting Birds ) Car Horns ( Claxon, Beep sounds ), Phone Rings ( Ring, Beep, Click - Tones) Sick Guy (Sneeze and Cough), Squeaky the Duck (Rubber Duck Squeak Sounds), Cow Shaker (Moo Sounds), Horse Shaker ( Real Horse Sounds ), Sheep Shaker ( Bah, Baa ), Monster Shaker (Creepy and Scary), Explosions ( Bombs, Nukes ), Swords Fight ( Real Sword Sounds ), Health Test, Hearing Test, Hidden Music, Reflex Test, Scary Castles, Scream Illusions, Stress Test iChainsaw Original Chainsaw, iChainsaw X - Extreme Chainsaw, iChainsaw X2 - 2 in 1 Chainsaw, Sexy Girl Talk - Sexy Alphabet, Morse Code - Alphabet, Crime Rate USA - Live, Find 'n' Tap (numbers, letters, objects, colors), Hardest Game Ever Played, Ocean Breaze, Neverending Road, Escalator Stairs, Storm Clouds, Gas Flame, USA Flag with Anthem, Money Stream, Night Clouds, Dark Planet, Light Bulb. Flame Breath, Multi Purpose Detector, Fart Detector, Geek Detector, Lie Detector, Moron Detector, Radiation Detector, Sexy Girl Detector, Awesome Detector, Ugly People Detector Be sure to check some of those cool Apps!!


Technical specifications

Version: 4.1

Size: 3.9 MB


Price: 0,88 €

Developed by theM Dev

Day of release: 2009-05-17

Recommended age: 4+

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