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"ABC123 Write and Learn Words with Fun" Free future upgrades...**** ********************************************** Is this Application TOP in App ...

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"ABC123 Write and Learn Words with Fun" Free future upgrades...**** ********************************************** Is this Application TOP in App Store !!!!!!!!!!!!! ********************************************** What people say: When we show this application to Parents they say "An Awesome Educational Application!!!!, Kids love it." And what kids say: "My all time favourite game ABC fun"...Carl(3 yrs old) "Learning words is so easy, I like ABC match"...Cecilia(4yrs old) "Now I know about colors, its so easy"........Basilia(3 yrs old) So What are the features!!!!: 1.Write Alphabets( Capital and small ) 2.Write Words 3.Write Numbers 4.Alphabet Sounds 5.Number Sounds 6.Learn colors All these in interactive and fun game way. Learning English with innovative way is lots of fun. Description: Learn words by matching them with alphabets and learn numbers by matching them with correct spellings in interactive games "ABC match" and "123 match" . Using ABC fun and 123 fun, kids will increase their ability to recongnize alphabets and numbers. Kids can move the alphabet and drop into the correct alphabet square. Learn how to write words, alphabets and numbers.Learn how to pronounce alphabets. Writing and learning make it easier for kids . Increase Kids ability to learn color names and colors interactive way. Its lots of fun with score boards and sounds.


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