Discontinued App


Developed by popular early childhood educator, Barbara Milne, the full version of ABCSOUNDS is a wonderful and interactive way to introduce your young ...

Discontinued App


Developed by popular early childhood educator, Barbara Milne, the full version of ABCSOUNDS is a wonderful and interactive way to introduce your young child to the phonetic sounds used in the English language. This full version has lots of animation and rewards that children love! This app was developed from Barbara Milne’s famous “Apple apple Aaa” song found on her SOUNDS LIKE LEARNING CD. * Barbara’s music is unique because it is based on a slow and relaxing beat, simple background and repetition that young children need and love. * Has been used in homes for over 30 years and it really works! * Millions have watched and learned the English letter sounds from her YouTube videos, and this wonderful learning tool is now available in app form! * All of the music and vocals on this app are performed by Barbara Milne. It is her soothing and beautiful tone that has made her music so popular with children. FEATURES of ABCSOUNDS --------------- * A multi-sensory learning tool. It combines audio, voice and written words. * Develops auditory discrimination by introducing the letter names and sounds. * Develops eye hand coordination by requiring the child to touch the “Hidden Letter”, the capital and lower case letter. It also helps child track left to right to follow pictures and sounds. * Your child will learn to recognize the word by the sounds they hear in this app. * The pictures look more like the actual letter and have a “Hidden Letter” inside the picture. This memory device makes it easier for children to remember the shape of the letter AND the sound as a unit. * This app is created for children starting at about 1 year old and can go all the way up to adults who want to learn the English language. * This app can also be used in the classroom. INSTRUCTIONS ---------------------- * Click on the “Start” button to begin. * Listen to instructions and then press the “Play” button to start a new learning session or press “Resume” to continue an unfinished session. A “Score” button makes it possible for child to check his score! There are lots of stars available to earn! * Flip between alphabets or touch the next and previous arrow button to go back and forth. There are 7 stars that can be earned in this program. After 4 letters comes a reward page. When instructions are correctly followed, the reward page gives a star to the child and also offers much praise for the effort. When the 26 letters of the alphabet have been finished, all 7 stars will be filled and the child gets wonderful praise for a job well done! The child can then start all over again and become a “super duper letter reader!” * Children can sing and “act out” the letters with their hands, which engages them actively and increases retention. For example: Bb = Rocking a baby in your arms, Dd = Pretending to be a T-Rex dinosaur with 2 claws on each hand, Ff = Making a flower open from a closed hand (a bud) to open fingers (an open flower with petals). SUPPORT AND FEEDBACK ------------------------------------- Feedback, bug reports and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged! Do you have any questions or need support ? We are here to help. Email us at barbara@barbaramilne.com. WATCH MORE VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE CHANNEL -------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.youtube.com/user/barbaramilne FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK ---------------------------------------- https://www.facebook.com/BarbaraMilneMusic Please rate the app and give comments.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 49.19 MB


Price: 1,90 €

Developed by Tender Learning Concepts Inc

Day of release: 2013-05-11

Recommended age: 4+

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