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What our reviewers are saying: “...a fantastic resource for patient care.” “Very helpful at all levels of training.” “Love the interface.” “...a ...

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What our reviewers are saying: “...a fantastic resource for patient care.” “Very helpful at all levels of training.” “Love the interface.” “...a great way to impress attendings on rounds!” Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS) are the most exhaustively studied clinical entities today. Advances in pharmacotherapy and procedural technique over the past thirty years have led to an explosion of clinical literature, which can be daunting and confusing for the caretaker of a patient with anginal symptoms. ACS Trials brings you thorough, focused, MD-written summaries of over 70 seminal trials of ACS that have given rise to current practice. Its easy-to-use interface and layout provide quickly accessible one-liner ‘soundbites’ as well as deeper analysis and historical context of landmark trials in cardiology. Whether you’re a medical student whose attending is asking, “What’s the evidence for aspirin?”, a nurse practitioner wondering whether to continue the eptifibatide drip when the stent is already in place, a cardiology fellow who can’t remember the loading dose of ticagrelor, or cath fellow making sure you’re right about bivalirudin before the interventionalist yells at you, ACS Trials is a must-have. Each trial summary contains: ↝ One-liner Take Home Message ↝ Concise summary of major results and important points ↝ Trial design & length of follow-up ↝ Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria ↝ Methods, including dosing protocols, timing/duration of interventions, and relevant background medical therapies ↝ Baseline Patient Characteristics ↝ Results ↝ Funding sources ↝ ACC/AHA Guidelines resulting from the study ↝ References ↝ Direct links to PubMed abstract & Full-Text manuscripts (if avail.) **FAST & EASY TO FIND WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR** Trials are sortable by name, date of publication, subject, and drug name; can be filtered by patient populations enrolled (only STEMI, only UA/NSTEMI, or both); and are discoverable via a convenient search feature which indexes keywords, generic and brand drug names, and more. **FREE MEDICAL CALCULATORS, courtesy of MEDIMATH** 30+ medical calculators useful for anyone who helps treat cardiac patients, whether it involves ↝ ACS (e.g., TIMI, GRACE, CRUSADE bleeding risk, contrast-induced nephropathy risk) ↝ Stress-testing (e.g., Duke treadmill score, target heart rate) ↝ Arrhythmias (e.g., CHADS2, calculated QTc) ↝ Lipids (e.g., calculated LDL, ATP III guidelines, Framingham cardiac risk) ↝ Hemodynamics (e.g., aortic valve continuity equations, Fick cardiac output) ↝ and MORE!!! ABOUT THE AUTHORS The four writers for ACS Trials met as internal medicine residents at Washington University in St. Louis and Barnes-Jewish Hospital and are now cardiology fellows at top programs. They are passionate about cardiology and clinical study and pay particular attention to trials in the context of the ACC/AHA Guidelines. As such, our customers can expect frequent focused updates with even more landmark trials as well as major new trials.


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