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ACT & SAT Vocabulary Builder HD

iPhone version of this app was featured by Apple in "What's Hot!" on its debut and reached 5th most selling app in Education category. What customers ...

Discontinued App


iPhone version of this app was featured by Apple in "What's Hot!" on its debut and reached 5th most selling app in Education category. What customers are saying: "I've tried pretty much everything to improve vocabulary. This app is the only thing that worked." "I tried to get my daughter to improve her vocab... but we just ended fighting about it... it was a lot easier to just buy your app." ***************** Can Vocabulary Building ever be Exciting, Fast and Fun? ***************** As important a good vocabulary is in ensuring success in school, college and life, it's also one of the most dreaded tasks... and why not... after all mastering long vocabulary lists is a boring and painful drudgery. Can it be helped? ***************** Yes, But only if you use Right Method and Right Tool! ***************** Learning new words is actually a lot of fun! It's wonderful and liberating when you come across difficult words while reading or listening and you already know them! Ideally, you'll need a method or tool that will make the process just as exciting as well. ***************** SuVoBi, It's the Most Cutting Edge Vocabulary Builder. ***************** The breakthrough comes from unification of expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Psychology and Computer Science. This state of the art application let's you build vocabulary at your pace. It speeds things up when things are getting too easy for you and slows down when it's getting too tough. ***************** It's an Assistant that's as Unique as You! ***************** Some words will be easy for you learn and some will be very difficult. This combination will be totally unique to you! Sometime you will think you know a word but won't and vice versa! SuVoBi will let you cruise through the easy words and focus much longer on the difficult ones. SuVoBi will cut a right path for you in jungle of unknown words. ***************** It's as Smart an application as you'll ever use. ***************** Behind the simple facade of SuVoBi lies an amazingly sophisticated engine who constantly monitors your responses and works out the optimum path for you to take. Its sophisticated approach will put you light-years ahead of your peers in vocabulary. ***************** It's also the Simplest to use! ***************** With SuVoBi, you never have to worry about what to do next. Whether to learn a fresh words or to review the words you've already learnt. SuVoBi works out all that for you! All you have to do is to sit back and enjoy the ride! ***************** It will hook you in no time at all. ***************** Just use it for 30-60 minutes and SuVoBi will know enough about you to customize your experience automatically. And the fun begins! It'll gradually adjust the pace to give you a balanced amount of stimulation, so that you're neither bored nor overly stressed. In fact, some people even find it slightly addictive. A far cry from cramming vocabulary lists or using flash-cards. ***************** It'll be your Most Useful Companion Ever. ***************** Whether you're just entering high-school or a month away from SAT or ACT exam. Enhanced vocabulary from SuVoBi will greatly enhance your experience in reading comprehension as well as tackling exams. ***************** It's a Terrific Investment. ***************** Your vocabulary determines how much you'll absorb new concepts. Your SAT or ACT score will determine which college you'll go to and how much you'll earn in your professional life. SuVoBi gives you an edge and a head-start over others at a very reasonable price.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.01

Size: 5.13 MB


Price: 4,50 €

Developed by SuVoBi

Day of release: 2010-04-1

Recommended age: 4+

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