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This ACT Reviewer is the ultimate self-contained user-friendly tool to help high school students attain high composite test scores for American college ...

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This ACT Reviewer is the ultimate self-contained user-friendly tool to help high school students attain high composite test scores for American college entrance test. It includes multiple tests generated at random that gives students ample practice to prepare for the real test. One can review ACT while commuting, relaxing, vacationing or travelingâ€â€a reviewer that fits your lifestyle. It has separate timers for each of the four topics tested: English, Math, Reading, and Science; and a non-timed Writing review section. A timer starts to countdown when one navigates through the questions and halts when one navigates out onto the main Topics (Areas) page, preserving the amount of time left for each topic so that one can pick up the test at a later time or date. This allows the student to do a little bit or the whole test at a time. The time left is displayed at the minute resolution with zero as minimum time left. The app can be operated in two modes: Test and Check. In the default Test mode, answered questions are tracked by appending a check mark to the right end of a table cell. One can skip and go back to any question through the table view listing all questions of a particular topic or area. Each answer is kept until the Reset button on the main page is clicked, in which all answers, timers and scores are reset to the unanswered initial states. In Check mode, in addition to the Test mode operation, the ongoing estimated Composite Score is updated on the main (Topic) page and a Detail Report button allows one to view the estimated composite, sub-scores and percentiles of each of the topics: English, Math, Reading and Science. A master list of questions under each topic are also color codedâ€â€green for correctly answered, red for incorrectly answered, and white for unanswered questions that are updated live. One can page through the individual questions or navigate to the table (or master list) of questions using the navigation button on the upper left-hand corner of each question page. This mode is ideal for students who wants an immediate feedback to their answers. When the timer hits zero, one can chose to stop and check the scores or continue working on the unfinished test as a practice. When one is done with a test and ready for another set, one can click the New button on the upper left of main page to generate a complete set of test. In theory, one can generate New tests in sufficient number to help a diligent student attain a top ACT score on the real test. Because the test questions are composed in a random way, some questions may reappear on a newly generated test set. A link on the main page allows one to navigate to, view and try out an officially published ACT Question of the Day online. Official ACT test instructions are available from clicking the disclosure buttons on the main page's Topic cell items. - Test instructions available from main page for those unfamiliar and first time takers. - Contains multiple tests randomly generated on demand (New button) - User-friendly - Reset answers on demand (Reset button) - Timers for each topic help monitor test progress - Composite and sub-scores reporting - Immediate color- and icon-coded feedback to answers (in “Check” mode) - Allows skipping and returning to questions easily - Allows working on as little or as many questions at a time - Progress bar showing time left and questions left to answer - No time limit to finish test/practice, if desired. - Navigate from main Topic/Area list to questions list for a topic to paging through questions - Un-timed writing review - Covers all areas tested in actual ACT tests. - One can take a break anytime and any length while it remembers for you where you left off - More formal “Test” mode to simulate real test environment. - Allows online access to Question of the Day - Topic time-left shown in minute resolution on main page - Seconds time-left resolution inside each test.


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