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The AKS "A Kitesurf Session" app is THE essential tool to keep track of all your kitesurfing equipment, your settings and tuning parameters as well as ...

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The AKS "A Kitesurf Session" app is THE essential tool to keep track of all your kitesurfing equipment, your settings and tuning parameters as well as your sessions on the water. AKS will help you to select your most appropriate kitesurf equipment for the wind and wave conditions. LIMITATION This free version is limited to 2 kites, 3 kitesurfs and 5 sessions. Use the free version to evaluate the application. TIME SAVER Don’t lose time finding out which screw is required to fit your fin into the board, which attachment point or pig tail knot to use. Have a rapid look on your iPhone/ iPad to see how you did set up your material last time and start your new session right away with perfectly tuned material. NEW SESSION Before starting a new session, you will typically select the spot you are at; the wind strength and direction, the wave conditions as well as your session start time. SELECTOR Once you entered the wind strength and wave conditions, AKS will be able to propose the optimal kitesurfing equipment. It will display all the required settings so you can immediately have a great session on the water. COOL DOWN After the session, optionally record information such as surfed time, distance and speed. Give a rating to your session and add some comments to remember how to improve your next session. AKS NETWORK AKS allows you to transfer the whole database between your iPhone and your iPad. Use Wi-Fi Hotspot connections (built in to your iPhone/ iPad) and transfer the database totally free of charge while on the beach or during vacations. YOUR EQUIPMENT Basic information such as model, brand, year, dimensions, key characteristics and serial number may be entered for each piece of equipment. Record your kitesurf equipment data step by step, starting with: - Board, - Fin (optional), - Wing and - Bar SURF, KITE and KITESURF Assemble your equipment, as you would do on the beach: combine your favorite Boards and Fins and record them as Surfboards. Record your favorite Kites by combining your Wings and Bars. Finally, assemble your Surfboards and Kites and record then as Kitesurfs. SETTINGS & TUNING You will be able to define many relevant setup and tuning parameters for your different assemblies. Use your own words to describe your equipment tuning. WINDRANGES The power of AKS lies in the windranges you define for your wings, kites and kitesurfs. You may record the manufacturer’s recommended wind range for your wing. And you will also be able to adjust the kite's wind range to your liking, for example if you’re tuning the kite for light or strong wind. Finally, depending on the selected Surf (i.e. Board and Fin combination), you may further tune the applicable wind range for each Kitesurf. Small boards or small fins will require more wind. Define the windrange according to your surfing skills and experience. These windranges are used by AKS to suggest the most appropriate equipment for your next session. The SPOTS Of course you may record information about your surf spots and pin them down on maps. STATISTICS Analyze your sessions and review how often you used which piece of equipment. Or graphically display the time or distance you surfed with them. Versions/ What’s new: V1.1.0: Initial release


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.0

Size: 45.09 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Franz Neumann

Day of release: 2014-05-20

Recommended age: 4+

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