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ALTitude AZimuth ALIGNment

Please Note that AltAzAlign has some major issues with the new iOS7. Due to personal issues and time constraints there will be a delay in fixing the app. ...

Discontinued App


Please Note that AltAzAlign has some major issues with the new iOS7. Due to personal issues and time constraints there will be a delay in fixing the app. Sorry for any inconvenience. AltAzAlign helps telescope users that have digital setting circles or go-to systems on Alt/Az mounts perform their initial alignment. The app works by calculating which stars are currently visible by using the time and location of the user. These stars are then narrowed down by discarding those that are outside the Horizon limit and too close to the Zenith (to prevent encoder errors occurring at Zenith). Each star in the list is compared to another and the (z) Zenith and (s) Separation angles are calculated for this 'Star Set'. The best 'Star Set' has a narrow (z) and a wide (s) value. The first listed 'Star Set' is the best but sometimes one that crosses the Celestial Equator will give a better prolonged alignment. 1) Star Map: - The star map displays the current visible sky above the user. The user can see Horizon arcs, Zenith limit area, Zenith point, celestial poles, North/South indicator, Star Catalog stars both in and out of the limit zones and the selected 'Star Set' connected by a line. - Touch and hold on an object now brings up calculated positional data. - Dragging left or right will change the time in steps of 5 minutes up to 24hrs offset if User Time mode is selected. - Double tapping on a quadrant will 'zoom in' into that quadrant. - Triple tapping on the star map will allow the user to 'zoom in' and then scroll about the map. - On the upper left is where a mini compass can be displayed by tapping on the circle. - On the upper right is the Settings Button. - On the lower left is the selected star catalog name (ALL, CEL, MEA, SKY, NAV, INT, NEX, ARG). - On the lower right is the total number of 'Star Sets' found. 2) Star Set Data: - The 'Star Set' data can be scrolled so the user can select from any calculated 'Star Set' along with the (z) and (s) values for each 'Star Set'. 3) Time/Location: - The bottom area displays the current time, location for the selected 'Star Set'. Tapping on the time allows the user to cycle through System (s) time, +1 Hour (+) Time, -1 Hour (-) Time, or User (u) time which allows the user to change the time up to 24 hours in 5 minute steps by dragging left or right across the screen. 1) Colour Mode: - There are 5 colour modes: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Black on White. 2) Star Catalog: - There are 8 selectable Star Catalogs: -- ALL: 109 of the brightest stars. -- CEL: 40 stars as defined by Celestron. -- MEA: 33 stars as defined by Meade. -- SKY: 37 stars as defined by SkyCommander. -- NAV: 58 stars as defined as Navigation Stars. -- INT: 23 stars as defined by IntelliScope. -- NEX: 91 stars as defined by Nexus. -- ARG: 35 stars as defined by Argo Navis. 3) Compass Settings: - If available, the user can select from True North or Magnetic North. Accessing the compass is done by tapping on the circle on the main screen. 4) Display Features: - There are 6 adjustable display features: -- Grid: Show the Grid. -- Stars: Show Extra stars (visual only). -- Star Set Constellations: Show the Constellations of the selected 'Star Set' -- Constellation Lines: Show Constellations. -- Constellation Labels: Show Labels. -- Celestial Equator: Show the Celestial Equator. -- Solar System: Show Solar System objects. 5) Location Settings: - The user can choose from 3 ways of determining the current location. -- PICK Location: Select from a pre-defined list of locations. -- GPS Location: The GPS can be used to get the current location. -- SET Latitude/Longitude: The user can input their location in DMS format. 6) Time Settings: - The user can use the current System (s) time or toggle between adding or subtracting one hour. A User mode allows the time to be set by dragging left or right in steps of 5 minutes up to 24hrs. 7) Calc Settings: - Each quadrant can have it's own horizon limit. The default value is 25.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.8

Size: 3.74 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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