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Updated for 2016 and beyond AP Art History Test. For your own edification, we kept the cards for the previous AP Art History test (2015 and years prior). ...

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Updated for 2016 and beyond AP Art History Test. For your own edification, we kept the cards for the previous AP Art History test (2015 and years prior). We are saddened that some beautiful pieces are left out of the new AP Art History test, so we left them in the program for the student to admire even though they will not be formally tested on these. The program in total contains 1146 Flashcards to help prepare and do well on the AP Art History Exam. Here are the topics and the number of flashcards included in the program: Global Prehistory - 11 flashcards Ancient Mediterranean - 46 flashcards Early Europe and Colonial Americas - 61 flashcards Later Europe and Americas - 53 flashcards Indigenous Americas - 19 flashcards Africa - 14 flashcards West and Central Asia - 13 flashcards South, East and Southeast Asia - 24 flashcards The Pacific - 11 flashcards Global Contemporary - 27 flashcards Pre 2016 Art History test includes the following: Pre-Historic - 33 flashcards Ancient Near Eastern Art - 30 flashcards Ancient Egyptian Art - 53 flashcards Aegean Art - 26 flashcards Ancient Greece - 81 flashcards Etruscan - 6 flashcards Roman - 39 flashcards Early Christian - 23 flashcards Byzantine - 30 flashcards Islamic - 10 flashcards Medieval - 19 flashcards Romanesque - 24 flashcards Gothic - 26 flashcards Proto-Renaissance - 16 flashcards Early Northern Renaissance - 14 flashcards Southern Renaissance - 65 flashcards Mannerism - 9 flashcards Northern Renaissance - 12 flashcards Baroque - 80 flashcards Enlightenment - 22 flashcards Romanticism - 22 flashcards Realism - 29 flashcards Impressionism - 16 flashcards Post-Impressionism - 10 flashcards End of Nineteenth Century - 20 flashcards Nineteenth Century Architecture - 10 flashcards Twentieth Century - 79 flashcards Post War Expressionism - 38 flashcards Twentieth Century Architecture - 25 flashcards Total of 1146 flashcards for a comprehensive review of the AP Art History material. The program itself offers various features and options for a great and convenient learning environment which include: - Ability to Randomize cards - Can Flag cards for later use - Grade cards by using gestures - Study only missed cards, only new cards, only correct cards, flagged cards, or study all cards - Study all categories or selected categories - Timed mode to automatically flip card and advance cards. - Ability to edit and delete cards - Convenient statistics panel to see progress - Can change background color and text color - Can change text size - Can see back of card first You can try out our Lite version to try it out for yourself.


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