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From cognition and perception to personality and motivation, AudioLearn is your complete audio study guide to advanced placement psychology. And AudioLearn ...

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From cognition and perception to personality and motivation, AudioLearn is your complete audio study guide to advanced placement psychology. And AudioLearn comes complete with a question and answer session following each section and a free complete test in audio to ensure maximum retention. _Key topics: History and approaches Research methods Biological bases of behavior Sensation and perception Personality Testing, intelligence and individual differences Abnormal psychology Treatment of psychological disorders Social psychology And much, much more! Download AudioLearn App to your iPod or iPhone and study at the gym. Review key psychological terms in the car. With its convenient format, AudioLearn fits your busy lifestyle, enabling you to study anywhere, anytime. Best of all, youll significantly increase learning and retention with AudioLearns proven study format._ So make sure you score a perfect five on your AP exam and gain valuable college credits - get AudioLearn AP Psychology App today! Reading while listening has shown to increase retention by as much as 38% and comprehension by as much as 76%. With Scrolls™, you now have the best of both worlds, a library of great books, lectures, speeches and more, synchronized with word-for-word narrated audio by real people. Whether you’re studying or just want to boost your reading experience, Narrated eBooks by iScroll makes it easy to learn and remember new materials quickly and effectively. Key Features: -eBooks with Audiobook narration by a real person included with every Scroll™ -Narration is synchronized with the eBook text -Automatic bookmarks that are synchronized between devices and the web -View purchased content on the web with the iScroll web reader -Adjustable reading speed without pitch distortion -Sharing of text and audio clips through email, Facebook and Twitter -Visually fast-forward and rewind through synchronized text -Search eBook text and Audio by keyword or phrase -Easily lookup words on Wikipedia -Save text annotations for later use -Change the font type, size and color -Adjust line spacing, backlighting and background color -Night time reading option reduces eye strain With both text and audio versions of your library, you can enjoy your selections at home on your couch, in your car while driving and at work or school – anytime, anyplace. Listen in your car and then finish your selection at home on your couch Benefits of Scroll™ Increased retention and comprehension Studies have shown that the utilization of multiple senses at the same time e.g. sight( reading) and listening, increases reader retention and comprehension by as much as 38% and 76% respectively. This is a valuable attribute for student learning and language skills. Comprehension is further augmented by referential look-ups (Wikipedia) and hyperlinks to external multimedia content, e.g. pictures, maps, videos and websites. Enhanced Control/Searchability- Scrolls increase user control over both text and audio. Users will be able to search the text in order to find specific audio quotes. With simple touch gestures, the user will be able to advance, reverse, accelerate the pace of reading and listening to the scrolls, in order to cover the material as effectively as possible. Greater Convenience Having a multi-format title increases reader convenience. At times readers may employ simultaneous read and play of content to increase comprehension and retention. At other times listening to a title is more appropriate, e.g. commuting or late at night when eyes are tired. The added convenience of Scrolls will enable readers to maintain continuity and finish the title in a manner which the user chooses.


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