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Let the experts at McGraw-Hill help you optimize your study experience and score big on the AP World History exam. This comprehensive study tool will ...

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Let the experts at McGraw-Hill help you optimize your study experience and score big on the AP World History exam. This comprehensive study tool will enable you to assess your current knowledge level, review the relevant subject matter, and test your skills—all at your own pace. Designed to assess your current knowledge and based closely on the actual AP World History test given each year, AP World History 5 Steps to a 5 uses an ingenious five step method to prepare students for the exam. The 5-Step Plan helps you get the most out of your study time. Step 1: Set Up Your Study Program By delving into the background of the AP World History test and scrutinizing the layout of previous tests, you can design a study schedule that works best for them. Step 2: Determine Your Test Readiness This step is a diagnostic tool, assessing your current knowledge of US World History. This section provides 192 questions arranged into 27 historical categories including an examination of agrarian societies, political revolutions, social changes, and the continuing evolution of global trade, to name just a few. Step 3: Develop the Strategies for Success As with all exams, there are certain strategies that savvy students can employ to maximize their chances for success. Different types of questions demand different approaches. Step 4: Review the Knowledge You Need to Score High With over 300 flashcards, this step provides a thorough review of the major periods and significant milestones that have shaped World History. With no stone left unturned, your knowledge will be challenged and broadened by this dynamic tool. Step 5: Build Your Test-taking Confidence Once you have completed Steps 1 through 4, you are ready to test your knowledge. Step five provides a full-length practice test which can be timed just as the official AP exam. AP, Advanced Placement Program, and College Board are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product. Install the free version today and jump start your studying! We have provided a limited free version of the app that you can try before deciding to upgrade. This version includes a limited amount of practice questions and basic progress metrics. Upgrade to the Premium version with a one-time in-app purchase that includes lifetime access to: • 230+ diagnostic practice questions with detailed explanations • Master multiple choice, document-based, short-answer and essay questions • Developed by experts • 500+ flashcards for review • Hundreds of helpful tips and strategies to help you pass • Unlimited access to all AP U.S. History Exam categories • Detailed results tracking Our Customer Success Team is available from 8am to 6pm, Monday - Friday (except on major holidays). Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments — college@hltcorp.com, or 319-246-5271. The content for this resource was created by Peggy Martin, author of McGraw-Hill's 5 Steps to a 5: AP World History. Ms. Martin is a Spanish and world history teacher at New Berlin High School in Illinois. She is the author of Kaplan SAT II World History.


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