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ARTank 是一款增强现实çš„åºâ€Ã§â€¨Ã£€‚我们ç
了最新çš„增强现实无标识识别ç®—法(Natural Feature Tracking) 在åºâ€Ã§â€¨ä¸­,可以看到10辆最著名çš„二战中çš„中国坦克。 ...

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ARTank 是一款增强现实çš„åºâ€Ã§â€¨Ã£€‚我们ç
了最新çš„增强现实无标识识别ç®—法(Natural Feature Tracking) 在åºâ€Ã§â€¨Ã¤¸­,可以看到10辆最著名的二战中çš„中国坦克。 有三种方式来获取标识: 1请到我们çš„网址:http://www.mxrcorp.cn/pdfResource/markerARTank.pdf 来获取标识文件. 2.你可以点击 按钮来发送给自己ç‵子邮件来获得标识然后打印标识. 3.如果你设置有AirPrintçš„打印机.你可以直接从iphone打印标识. 进入游戏后,请把标识(marker)æ‾置于距离手机20-40公分处,从摄像头可以看到标识çš„全部.程序识别到标识以后就有虚拟çš„3D坦克出现. 1.你可以点击左上角按钮来观看视频. 2.点击右上角按钮来观看坦克çš„信息. 3.双击屏幕来切换不同çš„坦克. 4.点击右下角按钮来实现不同标识追踪. 5.点击左下角按钮来访问我们网站。 Note: This app will not work unless you download and print the image form. AR Tank uses the most cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology. This App shows 10 famous 3D Chinese tank in real environment by using AR technology. In this app, we used Natural Feature Tracking and marker Tracking algorithms in AR. 1.You can either download marker file in here (http://www.mxrcorp.cn/pdfResource/markerARTank.pdf) 2. Or launch the app, send yourself an email, and find the marker file in your attached email. 3. Or if you have an AirPrint supported printer, launch the app, and make use of the most updated AirPrint, which can wirelessly print files from your iPhone. After you print the marker file, you can use marker to show the 3D Chinese tank, you may give it a first try, by putting the marker under iPhone camera. You can press button to switch the different tracking mode (NFT/ marker tracking). You will see tank overlay onto the marker. Double tab on the screen you can switch different tank models. The tank models on the screen moves along as you move the marker. For more information, please visit the MXR SU Zhou MXR Software Technology Ltd. Official Website( http://www.mxrcorp.cn).


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