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"ARIA HAHN - THE SENA PROJECT" by J.M. Carnright is a a futuristic story with science fiction elements. Its content is designed for a general audience ...

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"ARIA HAHN - THE SENA PROJECT" by J.M. Carnright is a a futuristic story with science fiction elements. Its content is designed for a general audience (14 years and older). It is an environmental adventure and an allegory to our own Earth planetary society. And it is a tragic love story. It offers original music - both symphonic and pop. It offers video, sound effects, cgi constructed scenes;special effects; occasional narration; an interactive touch screen element known as a liquid light table that connects the reader-participant to multiple images of outer Space. This is an interactive cinematic ebook offering a written story with corresponding video that replaces parts or the whole of certain written chapters. The story takes place beyond the time of Earth's existence. Nature is under attack, facing apparent elimination in the vast Stellar System Alliance of Peoples. All life is physically dominated by the largest, scientifically advanced and powerful HYDRALIGHT Stellar System. Hydralian youth and others are in a state of rebellion and have formulated an environmental revolutionary movement (ERevolutionaries or ERevs). The ERev movement is rising to disrupt HYDRAL Command initiatives to further threaten the course of Natural Life in their universe and eventually throughout Space. They and many sympathizers are angered by the recent destruction of a magnificent mineral rich planetary system and the largest life sustaining planet in any known universe, ROICA. Its destruction is enacted for the single purpose of salvaging and recycling all planetary system natural resources. Soil, plant life, minerals, organisms, animal life, sea life, rivers, lakes, oceans and all other global elements are removed and stored until such time when each can be utilized to create Hydral forms of artificial planetary life. During this event, all primal peoples on the sacrificed planet, ROICA, are left dying. It is a painful, frightening death. This tragedy has further angered an already turbulent Hydral populace as aboriginal people are still considered the most valuable physical and spiritual intellect gene carrier in all Space, treasured by many thousands of societies. Equally, an unforeseen, violent energy is intensifying in elsewhere dominions of Space. It is a threat and force HYDRA has not considered in all its equations. In fact, it is an energy often overlooked and taken for granted throughout Time. Only botanical sharers of highly intellectual organisms are aware of its current existence, embodiment and force. These “PlantCompanions,” are the only stellar system Travelers who can realistically envision and experience this impending future. It is this threatening energy that will alter life forever.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 759.66 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by John Carnright

Day of release: 2012-02-11

Recommended age: 12+

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