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For sales professionals who manage complex sales cycles in a competitive market, ARPEDIO is a sales methodology supported by an easy to use app. The combination ...

Discontinued App


For sales professionals who manage complex sales cycles in a competitive market, ARPEDIO is a sales methodology supported by an easy to use app. The combination of methodology and tool helps the user win more deals. ARPEDIO is NOT a CRM tool. CRM tools simply track activities and an uncertain pipeline. ARPEDIO supports the development of actionable and winning deal strategies by making best practice available to everyone. ARPEDIO helps sales professionals: - assess sales opportunities and customer relationships - develop plans and strategies for deal success - share and collaborate deal status and plans with peers - manage expectations professionally with sales management - qualify deals and manage pipeline with strong credibility - DEVELOP CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS AND WIN MORE BUSINESS ARPEDIO Sales is a simple tool that gives you a complete overview of your deal portfolio. Within minutes you will be able to prioritize your sales efforts better and more powerfully. The tool supports the ARPEDIO sales methodology. The ARPEDIO toolset provides business professionals with the leverage they need to get their jobs done effectively and professionally. The ASSESS module mimics what best in class sales professionals do to win and retain customers. It provides you with an innovative survey style scoring of key elements required to manage customer relations and win sales opportunities. ARPEDIO will take you through a series of survey questions to help you gain detailed insight for each of your deals. The REFLECT module provides you with an opportunity to capture exactly what is right, wrong or what might be holding you back. The module will help you pinpoint fundamental issues for each of your deals. The PLAN module will help you develop actionable and winning deal strategies. A comprehensive sales best practice database is embedded within ARPEDIO and made available to you as you assess deals and develop winning sales plans. The database is based on top sales performer’s best practices. In EXECUTE mode, ARPEDIO provides you with three simple reports that support deal communication and enable execution. The first report is a one pager that clearly shows the status of your deal based on your assessment. It’s an excellent platform for communicating with your manager and your sales team in a no frills fashion. The second report shows your deal plan elements, actions and specifics that you are executing right now, to move your deal forward. The third report is a unique overview of all your deals in a consolidated view, showing deals in RED, YELLOW or GREEN, thus providing you with valuable input when committing your forecast and pipeline. ---------------------------------------- We’re constantly improving ARPEDIO Sales and we value our customers opinions and feedback. If you want to send us your feedback or have a problem with our software, please contact us at support@arpedio.com BEFORE submitting a comment to the app store.


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