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Adaptive Signage Mobile Edition is a breakthrough in the world of mobile productivity and personalized Digital Signage. It has never been so easy to transform ...

Discontinued App


Adaptive Signage Mobile Edition is a breakthrough in the world of mobile productivity and personalized Digital Signage. It has never been so easy to transform your iPad into smart, hi-tech platform for broadcasting pre-scheduled and on-demand digital posters and media presentations. You can upload and store hundreds of targeted marketing messages to your iPad and organize them with ease into sequences for scheduled playback on your tablet’s screen. Use native iPad’s Media Library as a source for playback assets or integrate with external internet libraries or central media server (Enterprise Edition only) - all with convenient browsing and previewing features. Download online videos on-the-fly and include into your sequences to display colorful presentations on the screen of your tablet without any limits or restrictions. Intuitive interface delivers unprecedented capability to conveniently organize all marketing or entertainment content, set playlist sequencing and duration as well as create well-organized schedule schemes for immediate or long-term playback scheduling. Visual scheduler allows the user to easily navigate and manage comprehensive daily, weekly or monthly playback schedules as well as override them for occasional unplanned promotional events. Looking to enhance retail customer experience beyond conventional marketing loop? Seek no more - as Adaptive Signage converts your iPad into on-demand product-specific content broadcaster. Configure product SKUs with every marketing ad or presentations and customers will be able to see product relevant information displayed upon scanning product barcode or QR code. What good does marketing messaging do without robust intelligence into its results? Extended reporting features within Adaptive Signage Mobile app guide you through the consumer behavior patterns and product interest. Proof of Play or Product Interest reporting - these advanced intelligence features will enable you to improve effectiveness of your marketing campaign. For larger enterprises, looking to manage employee marketing productivity at trade-shows, events or long sales trips - please, inquire about our Enterprise Edition with centralized iPad content management and distribution, knowledgebase, location management, visit and time tracking, live organizational chat support and many more advanced features. Summary of Adaptive Signage Mobile Edition key features: - Built-in digital asset management engine - Easy to manage multi-source content uploads; - On-the-fly playlist and sequences - Advanced broadcast schedule management; - Multi-source content integration for playlist and sequence creation; - On-demand product-specific content playback using built-in camera scanning capabilities; - Comprehensive reporting and analytics.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.2.2

Size: 12.92 MB


Price: 9,00 €

Developed by Radical Computing Corporation

Day of release: 2013-01-2

Recommended age: 4+

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