Preparation Suite for FAA Air Traffic Controller Selection and Training (AT-SAT) – Recommended by StuckMic – Are you invited to the AT-SAT pre-hiring ...

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Preparation Suite for FAA Air Traffic Controller Selection and Training (AT-SAT) – Recommended by StuckMic – Are you invited to the AT-SAT pre-hiring screening for a career in FAA air traffic control?™ might be what you are looking for: an innovative and comprehensive preparation suite. It comprises training modules for each of the seven cognitive tests candidates take at the AT-SAT screening sites, and three supplemental maths tests. • Air Traffic Scenarios Test: This is an ATC radar simulation that updates in slideshow motion roughly every seven seconds. Participants are assigned control over an airspace sector with the task of managing incoming traffic as safely, swiftly and efficiently as possible. • Analogy Test: At this test participants have to recognize corresponding pairs of words or figures. • Angles Test: This is an approach to measure the ability to recognize angles correctly. • Applied Mathematics Test: Problems of this test require its takers to perform job-related calculations and estimations. • Dials Test: Participants have to read flight information from seven cockpit instruments and answer related questions. • Letter Factory Test: Participants are presented with a factory assembly line environment. The primary task is to pick up letters from the conveyor belts of the assembly line and place them into boxes of the corresponding color. This task is complemented by several subtasks test takers have to consider in their planning (e.g. box logistics and quality control). • Scan Test: Participants have to monitor the action on screen and respond to aircraft travelling at a speed beyond a given range of tolerance Supplemental maths tests: • Mental Arithmetic: This module will display or read brief calculations to be solved without the help of a scratch or calculator. • Number Series: This is a reasoning test that requires its takers to continue a numerical series, which is subject to a logical continuation scheme. • Numerical Estimation: This test does not require to solve the given math problem all correctly but rather to make a sound estimation as quickly as possible. To hone training experience and outcome beyond a simulation of tests™ offers: •™ Training Assistant is always on your side. The tool guides you through the training modules, evaluates your performance development and sets tasks difficulty accordingly. This does not only hone your training experience but also its outcome. •™ Cloud allows a quick switch between training devices without losing your previous performance data. The use of this tool is optional.™ Cloud will also provide the valuable opportunity to benchmark your performance against anonymized pool performance stats from the™ user community. • This app also features embedded boards to exchange information and messages with other users and a support messaging client to approach the™ support team. • This app can be used both as a standalone training environment and also with an already existing™ account e.g. from the desktop version. Stats will synchronize automatically between all devices using the same account. For more details, please visit also


Technical specifications

Version: 3.1.13

Size: 18.37 MB


Price: 27,02 €

Developed by Aviation Media & IT GmbH

Day of release: 2013-08-15

Recommended age: 4+

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