Audio Visual Application for the professional or beginner in the Audio Visual industry. AV Buddy is a essential information and calculation tool which ...

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Audio Visual Application for the professional or beginner in the Audio Visual industry. AV Buddy is a essential information and calculation tool which will assist your Audio Visual needs. Including pinouts, charts, cut lengths, diagrams, clear AV Connector photos, descriptions, AV Calculations. Each connector has a description with useful information. Visual Connections: BNC- With connector diagram and cut lengths. COMPOSITE - Includes diagram and colour coding for various equipment. DVI - Various DVI type diagrams and pinouts. HDMI - Includes a version comparison chart. Plus 2 pinout diagrams. Mini Din - Diagrams for 4 and 7pins. VGA - Pinouts and diagram. F-CONNECTOR - Includes diagrams and common coax cable diameters. Audio Connections: TRS + TS Audio - Stereo and mono diagrams. XLR - Includes diagrams for 3,4 and 5 pin connectors. SPEAKON - Connections and diagram. RCA - Different audio colour connection and diagram. Connections- 21 audio interconnections diagrams. Captive screw - pin outs for balanced and unbalanced audio. Control: RJ45 - Diagrams for TypeA and TypeB. DB9 - Pinouts, charts and description. USB - Pinouts for A,B, MiniA & B, MicroA & B and USB 3.0. Audio testing - Audio files for testing. 12 Audio files including Brown, White, Sweep, Tone in and Tone out. Speakers - Diagrams for parallel, series and series/parallel connections. Decibel comparison chart. Test Patterns - 20 display test patterns for use with your mobiles AV adapter to external display. SPL Meter - Measure a rooms decibel level. Includes calibration. Aspect Ratios - Popular height to width ratio's with description. Resolution chart - 52 resolutions + aspect ratio's. Resolution graph - Various display resolutions for quick reference. Mic Polar Patterns - Displays 7 mic polar patterns with zoom function and decibels. Display section - Description for LED, PLASMA, LCD and OLED screens. AV Buddy also includes a AV calculation section. Projector throw - Projector throw calculator for estimated throw distances plus brightness and native resolutions for Epson, Sanyo, Viewsonic, Sony, Barco, Christie, Mitsubishi and NEC projectors. Includes instructions. Projector throw2 - Calculator for a projectors throw distance with manual lens ratio input. Projector lumens - Calculation for lumens required based on ambient light for selecting projectors when designing. Image height - Calculate the display size according to viewer distance. Aspect ratio - If the height or width is known of a display, calculate the other by the aspect ratio. Display size - If you know the resolution and the viewers distance, calculate the display size. Viewer Text - By measuring the text height on a display. Calculate how far away the farthest viewer should be. Diagonal - Calculate the diagonal distance by knowing the height and width. Farthest Viewer - Calculate the farthest viewer according to screen size. Impedance calculators for speakers. Series and parallel. dB volt ratio - Calculate the gain needed to raise the output from one voltage to another. dB difference - dB difference calculation between two voltages. PAG/NAG - Determine the maximum amount of sound re-enforced in dBs that can be achieved before feedback. Converter - Converter for Area, Energy, Illumination, Mass, Temperature and Length. Ohms law - Power, Voltage, Current and Resistance calculators. Resistors - Resistor band calculator for 4, 5 and 6 bands. Heat load - BTU equipment calculator. Rack unit - Convert RUs into Inches, mm and cm. Convert Inches, mm and cm back into RUs.


Technical specifications

Version: 8

Size: 47.82 MB


Price: 0,83 €

Developed by Christopher Wright

Day of release: 2011-11-3

Recommended age: 4+

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