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Proving advanced calculators for AV designers. Audio/ video test patterns and videos. Training and “how to” sections for you or your staff. Includes ...

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Proving advanced calculators for AV designers. Audio/ video test patterns and videos. Training and “how to” sections for you or your staff. Includes Site Survey forms to keep your company efficient. AV Buddy Pro is split up into 5 sections. Section 1: Site Survey forms. 6 forms to hold different site information including the ability to take 2 photos per form with GPS location. Quick Pins. Providing a quick method to look at pin outs for AV connectors. Section 2 Video: BNC. Training/ Termination guide for crimp & compression. Composite. Training/ Termination guide for soldering & compression. DVI. Pin outs for all DVI connectors plus info. F-Connector. Training/ Termination guide for crimp. HDMI. Version information and pin outs. Mni-Din. Pin outs. VGA. Training/ Termination guide for soldering. Section 5 Audio: TS + TRS. Training/ Termination guide for soldered TRS. XLR. Training/ Termination guide for soldered XLR. Speakon. Training/ Termination guide. RCA. Training/ Termination guide for soldering & compression. Audio interconnects. Termination guide on how to connect various audio connectors together. Section 4 Control: RJ45. Training/ Termination guide for CAT5 & CAT6. DB9. Pin outs for RS232 and description. USB. Pin outs for 4 pin, 5 pin, micro 5 pin & USB 3.0. Signal Routing. Training section on various control equipment. Examples on how the equipment works. Switchers, Matrix switchers, Scalers, Distribution Amps, Controllers and room example. Section 5 AV Tools Calculations. Includes Projector calculator with over 1000 projectors. User ratio projector calculator. Projector lumens required. Display image height calculator. Closest viewer calculator. Farthest viewer calculator. Viewer text calculator. Display diagonal, calculate the diagonal distance of a screen. Horz & Vert. Calculate the width and height of a screen. Aspect ratio calculator. Display size calculator. Bandwidth calculator. Megapixel calculator Impedance for Parallel speakers Impedance for Parallel speakers with same values. Impedance for Series speakers. Impedance for Series speakers with same values. dB volt calculator dB calculator Speaker spacing + Power. Calculate spacing required for a certain dB, coverage angle, sensitivity + Amp power. SPL distance calculator PAG/NAG calculator Unit convertor. Area, Energy, Illumination, Length, Temperature, Mass. Ohms Law calculator Resistor calculator, 4, 5 & 6 band. Heat load calculator. 512 DMX calculator. Audio testing.12 different audio test files. 8 with Center, Left and Right. Audio left & right video with timer. 3 audio loops with timers. Speakers. Training guide for speaker construction with audio test files. Crossovers, Freq response, Sensitivity, Impedance, Connection test, Phase test, Balance test. Projectors. Training/ construction on LED, DLP & lumens. Test patterns. 24 test patterns including grey scale, colour bars, percentage, 4x4 checkerboard. Plus test video. SPL meter. With room name input and screen shot. Aspect ratio. Training on various ratios with calculator. Resolution. Training plus resolution chart and graph. Displays. Training on construction of Plasma, LCD, L.E.D and OLED plus viewing angles. Microphones. Polor patterns. Keep you or your company up to speed with the ever changing world of Audio Visual.


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