Discontinued App


Happy Holidays! Adventure math, by 22learn, FREE for a limited time! ***** Developed by an award-winning education studio, 22learn, the creator of the ...

Discontinued App


Happy Holidays! Adventure math, by 22learn, FREE for a limited time! ***** Developed by an award-winning education studio, 22learn, the creator of the best-selling Abby Basic Skills app, in cooperation with educational specialists. ***** A title from our extremely successful Abby series -- all TWELVE (!) RANKED #1 APP FOR KIDS on APP Store in many countries. Delight in the holiday magic with a new app from our successful Adventure Math series. Brought to you by 22LEARN, the creator of Abby Basic Skills Preschool and Alphabet Aquarium - Parents’ Choice Award Winners 2013 and 2012. ================================ One of the BEST WAYS FOR CHILDREN TO PRACTICE FOUNDATIONAL MATH SKILLS for success in Pre-K to Grade 4 curriculum! Learn to instantly recognize NUMBERS and answer ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION, and DIVISION problems in FIVE ENGAGING WINTER-THEMED GAMES. A wonderful way to improve your child's academic performance. ================================ Frosty snowmen, chubby penguins, and delicious gingerbreads inspire seasonal joy as well as math learning. Five engaging games help children learn and practice number recognition, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Relax and play any of the following five games for a perfect daily portion of math practice: 1. Catch a Star 2. Winter Match 3. Penguin Craze 4. Snowman Hunter 5. Math Bingo The charming characters, serene melodies, and simplicity of the design will draw children into the play. Depending on their interest and ability, children independently customize their learning by choosing out of three difficulty levels in five math areas that can be practiced in each game. Math areas featured cover curriculum from pre-K to 4th grade in three difficulty levels: - Numbers - Addition - Subtraction - Multiplication - Division * Catch a Star: Which twinkling star completes the equation or shows the number called? Find and tap on it before the sparkler burns! * Winter Match: Match cards with the same answers. How high can you score in this game? * Penguin Craze: Joyful penguins love jumping on the icebergs while playing math games. Find the penguin who guessed the answer to the question correctly. * Snowman Hunter: Can you find the right snowball? Catch as many snowballs as you can. * Math Bingo: Make a bingo! A math variation on a classical Bingo game for children. Based on our two-decade old experience in development of educational software, we made a considerable effort to ensure that this app is as simple and instructive as possible for young children. We hope you and your children will appreciate and enjoy it!


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