Abby Monkey: Spring Math

***** A title from our extremely successful series -- all EIGHT (!) RANKED #1 APP FOR KIDS on APP Store in many countries: ABBY BASIC SKILLS PRESCHOOL, ...

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***** A title from our extremely successful series -- all EIGHT (!) RANKED #1 APP FOR KIDS on APP Store in many countries: ABBY BASIC SKILLS PRESCHOOL, ABBY – PAINTER STAR, ANIMAL PRESCHOOL SHAPE PUZZLES - FIRST WORD; ABBY'S MAGIC LAPTOP FOR PRESCHOOL AND TODDLERS, ABBY MONKEY – ANIMAL GAMES FOR KIDS HD, ANIMAL TRAIN - FIRST WORD HD, ANIMAL PRESCHOOL WORD PUZZLES HD, and ABBY MONKEY – First Words for Preschool: Animals HD). All five other products ranked in TOP 10 in EDUCATIONAL category. Easter is coming soon! Let's celebrate it together with our Spring Math! Buy now and get four unique games (full version only) in one app wrapped within this amazingly colorful Easter-themed design! Believe that learning basic math has never been more fun. You will love to see your children making progress in their arithmetic skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) while being engaged. So prepare for an ultimate Easter fun, and open this egg app full of adventure! ----------------- The application features four games (full version only): 1) Memory Match (full version only) Your task is to match a correct answer with a corresponding question. Answer as quickly as possible and get the best score! 2) Catch Me! (full version only) Catch as many eggs with correct answers as you can. For each blossomed flower on the tree, answer one question and master the game! 3) Easter Egg Hunt Get through five levels of the game while keeping as many lives as possible. Each subsequent level gets more difficult as more answer choices are displayed and maximum time gets shorter. 4) Spring Bingo (full version only) The purpose of the game is to create either a horizontal or vertical pattern of eggs in a row across the whole screen. ----------------- Additional features: - Enthusiastic praise for all children's efforts - High-quality music background - Four game modes for each game: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division! - Three difficulty levels for each game! - Intuitive Easter-themed interface ----------------- Based on our two-decade old experience in development of educational software, we made a considerable effort to ensure that this app is as simple and instructive as possible. All the children we showed it to in our research reported improvement in their math skills without tediousness typical of solving math problems in a more traditional way. We hope your children will appreciate and enjoy this app as well.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 15.82 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by 22learn, LLC

Day of release: 2012-04-1

Recommended age: 4+

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