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Abby Pal Tracer

******************************************* One Day Sale - 50% OFF Price ******************************************* Teaches how to trace numbers zero ...

Discontinued App


******************************************* One Day Sale - 50% OFF Price ******************************************* Teaches how to trace numbers zero (0) through fifty (50) properly through validation guides. Created by a group of early writing teachers to teach kids proper number writing skills, based on the national standard of printing (Zaner-Bloser Style) taught in schools, and enforced with proper stroke mechanics validation, directional as well as within acceptable bounds. This app was a request from teachers who uses tracing apps in the classroom and wanted something to demonstrate the proper strokes to their whole class with large visible numbers. EASY AND FUN FOR KIDS TO LEARN TO TRACE: ----------------------------------------------- 1) Interactive "Abby Pal" smart wizard - talks and assists your child throughout the app, giving instructions as well as positive feedbacks as a reinforcement. 2) Learning the proper tracing is as easy as connecting the dots. The individual strokes for each number is animated with numbered dots and learning to trace is as easy as connecting the dots. 3) Number stroke guidance animation - shows the proper strokes of each number in a slow and steady animation for the kids to follow. POWER OPTION SETTINGS: ----------------------------------------------- The power of the app is the ability to change the options to fit your child learning age and skill level - adjust accordingly so it does not discourage the kids, yet challenging enough to keep them engaged. Below are the options: 1) Check for Proper Trace Mechanics: Enforces the proper stroke mechanics - both directionally and within acceptable bounds. Turn it OFF to have no restrictions on the tracing. 2) Trace Validation Strictness Level: Pick between Easy and Hard - Select Hard for more advance kids since they have to be near perfect to get the tracing correct. Use it as a Progressive Challenge. 3) Connect the Dots Tracing Assistance: Shows the direction of the trace with progression animation. Set to OFF if you want to see if the child remembers the proper stroke direction and order. 4) Remove Incorrect Tracing Lines: Remove any trace lines that have incorrect tracing strokes. 5) Show Dash Line Direction Arrows: Show the order and direction of the tracing. Set to OFF if you want to see if the child remembers the proper stroke direction and order. SAMPLE LESSON PLANS BY CHANGING OPTION SETTINGS: ----------------------------------------------- Here are a few lesson plans created by the teachers to challenge their students using this app: 1) Turn the "Connect the Dots Tracing Assistance" to OFF and see if the child can trace the numbers without guidance. 2) Turn the "Trace Validation Strictness Level" to HARD and see how accurate the child can trace within the bounds of the numbers as well as the direction. 3) Turn the "Show Dash Line Direction Arrows" to OFF to see if the child can recall the proper direction of each number. FEATURES: ----------------------------------------------- - Number zero (0) - fifty (50) Tracing - Strokes are validated to be in the bounds of the number as well as the right direction. - Number stroke guidance animations - show proper strokes of each letter - Number Recognition and Name. - Easy to read in Bold Font. - Professionally recorded audio for clear pronunciation . - Tested by Parents and their kids for ease of use - Design to be used by the kids alone or with parents in an interactive session. ** Suitable for kids 2 years and older


Technical specifications

Version: 7.0

Size: 6.1 MB


Price: 1,78 €

Developed by Hien Ton

Day of release: 2011-12-2

Recommended age: 4+

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