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Able AAC Free is a application to help potential users evaluate five of our paid apps. Able Jr, Able, Able2Talk, Able HD AAC and My Daily Tasks. You will ...

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Able AAC Free is a application to help potential users evaluate five of our paid apps. Able Jr, Able, Able2Talk, Able HD AAC and My Daily Tasks. You will be able evaluate usability, functionality and capability. %%%% Able Jr Has a new update that is not shown here. Please check the app.%%%%%% **** Able Jr AAC Launch sale special 30 % off **** **** Sale on Able AAC-limited time-Winter 30% off*** ****Check out Able HD AAC & Able2Talk ***** Its Able AAC with 5 voice engines standard ***Most Voice Engines are now US $ 9.99*** Each language has video in youtube. Type "Ablevox" in the youtube search bar. For the manuals,customer questions,videos, voice engine testing click below imums review 4 out 5 star "So, take note that with a plethora of features and natural-sounding Acapela Voice Engines and language packs, Able AAC is more than just another communication app! Bravo!" Review by Jack at Autismpluggedin. The language packs for AbleJr, Able AAC, Able2Talk, Able HD AAC and My Daily Tasks are English Arabic Catalan Czech Danish Dutch Finish French German Greek Italian Japanese Mandarin Chinese Norwegian Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Swedish Turkish Able AAC & Able HD AAC Simple interface *3 recorded voice. Ryan, Heather, Kenny (child). Voices activated for this category *Over 48 phrases. One touch explains your needs and its completely configurable. Advanced Interface * Create a sentence using 150 core words with 620 fringe words available. Voices have been deactivated for this app. * 26 categories * Convenient to learn shapes, colors numbers, year, month. * You can learn future, past and present tense in some categories. * Check out some voice samples in My Audios. * Voice speed and voice shaping can be configured. *Pronunciation word replacement system. * Cannot find the language you want on our list. Create your own using one of the apple keyboards. 57 keyboards available from Cherokee to Vietnamese. Enter any language text and record a voice and now you have a complete AAC solution in your language. Type & Speak *Type or copy/paste whatever you want and press the green speak button. Able AAC, Able HD AAC And My Daily Tasks - My Tasks 5 categories. School, Home, Notes, My points, Reward Center. * Home and school - itemized daily schedule to help the individual stay on task and motivated. When a entry is check, points are added to the weekly total. When a threshold is reached the individual can get a reward. (to see how this works go to My Tasks, school, My schedules, touch and check the red Tuesday pic, all the sub activities under Tuesday will be checked automatically, then save. My points should change within 4 seconds) * Notes is a communication tool between the teacher/care giver and parent/ guardian. If there are any new notes, a counter with the number of new notes will be shown. * My Points shows the number of points accumulated so far and when touched lets the user know whether the reward threshold is reached. * The Reward center allows the parent or guardian to raise or lower the threshold and change the gift. * There is also 2 reports generated each week. The reports are generated on Monday morning and all checked items for the previous week is unchecked, leaving a clean slate for you to check off for the new week. The goal is to see the points rise every week when unacceptable behavior is taken out of their repertoire. My Videos and My Audios *These two categories are used to help view or listen to unique content generated by you. Like a tying a shoe lace or holding a pencil properly.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.6

Size: 61.47 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Ablevox

Day of release: 2012-09-21

Recommended age: 4+

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