***Ranked as Top 5 in Apple App Stores.*** AboveNote supports generating documents by creating spreadsheet, rendering charts, together with embedded ...

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***Ranked as Top 5 in Apple App Stores.*** AboveNote supports generating documents by creating spreadsheet, rendering charts, together with embedded images, texts, and freehand drawings.  Documents can be saved as AboveNote's own format or be exported to high quality PDF files. Contents on a page is organized as layers with transparent background, and layers can be resized, moved, rotated, and stacked on top of each other. By combining different layers, there are infinite possibilities to create professional looking documents like photo albums, financial reports, scientific papers, presentations, project reports, homework assignment, and handwrite letters. AboveNote can be even used to create your own Christmas cards, birthday cards, and valentine cards! Most importantly, a document you created can be easily exported to a high quality PDF file! AboveNote is packaged with large collection of background images and overlay icons. It also supports templates to simplify your jobs. You can use AboveNote to * Create financial report or do budget management. AboveNote supports creating and editing spreadsheet. With built-in chart rendering engine, your data can be represented by professional looking 2D/3D bar chart, stack bar chart, line chart, area chart, and 2D/3D pie chart. Templates are available to simplify your job. * Create your own Christmas card. AboveNote is packaged with high quality Christmas card background images and Christmas decoration icons. You can combine the background images, the decoration icons, your own photos, your handwriting notes to create your own Christmas card! Please check the templates for ideas. * Create a birthday card, a valentine card, or an invitation card. * Create a photo album. Combine your photos with texts of different color, fonts, and rotation. Add some lovely icons for decoration. * Write a letter to your love one with your own handwriting. Pick a background and write on top of it. Add icons, export it to a PDF, and send it to your love one. You can write in your own language! * Create a leaflet. Take screenshot and copy text from a webpage, an Office Doc, or a PDF file and paste it into your document. * Do homework assignment. Write equations without using MS Equation. Draw diagrams, and insert spreadsheets and charts. * Take note. Handwrite or type notes. Features: + Support creating and editing spreadsheet; + Generate 2D/3D charts including bar chart, stack bar chart, line chart, area chart, and pie chart. + Insert images into a document. Support resizing and rotating images. + Packaged with 16 high definition background images, and 25 beautiful icons. + Support downloading background images and icons from website. + Support taking screenshot of a webpage, a PDF doc, or an Office document. + Text input. Support 19 different fonts, including English, Chinese, and Japanese. Change font size, color, and justification. + Zoom-in editor for freehand drawing/writing. + Create document in own format, and export documents to PDF files. + Support resizing, moving, and rotating a layer. + Built-in templates. + Support creating your own templates + Download new templates from the support website + Sync with iTunes. + Open-in feature. + Email documents. + Sync with Dropbox. + Built-in help and Getting Started PDF. Please check the website for more beautiful screenshots, and check the support URL for youtube videos. A GetStarted page there will help you to get a quick start. 支持网址有中文网页。


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 28.87 MB


Price: 2,82 €

Developed by EncGoo

Day of release: 2012-12-13

Recommended age: 4+

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