Abraham´s Exciting Journey

“Abraham`s Exciting Journey” is a fun and captivating way for your children to learn the foundational Bible story of Father Abraham`s ...

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“Abraham’s Exciting Journey” is a fun and captivating way for your children to learn the foundational Bible story of Father Abraham’s journey of faith as he left his home and relatives and journeyed to the Promised Land. Our interactive game will also teach your kids early childhood learning skills like shapes, colors, and counting. Most importantly, your child will learn that he/she can have faith in God like Abraham did, because God always keeps His promises! FOUR GAMES IN ONE SHAPE SORTER: Help Abraham pack his camel for the journey by dragging the correct shaped or colored objects into his camel’s pack. CONNECT THE DOTS: Learn the map to the Promised Land as you connect the dots to help Abraham stay on the right path for his journey. Don’t get off the path or you might get “buzzed”! HAND-EYE COORDINATION: Join Abraham as he travels on his easy-to-play adventure, picking up his family and herds of sheep and goats along the way, some of the many great blessings God promised him. COUNTING: Help Abraham count the many, many stars! See if you can find the constellations in the sky. FEATURES •Teaches the biblical account accurately •Reinforces key early childhood learning skills •Entertaining game play •Upbeat original music •Beautiful, high resolution graphics made for iPad and iPhone •Great custom artwork Developed for children ages 1-6 ABOUT AGUPPY PRODUCTIONS The goal of Aguppy Productions is to provide Bible teaching and discipleship in the form of Smart Phone Apps. Our commitment is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by accurately portraying His written Word in our interactive games and teaching materials. Our vision is to sell the games in areas of the world where there is abundance so that we can provide them for free to the rest of the world. Our hope is that the Holy Spirit will empower our efforts to glorify the Name of Jesus and to build His kingdom throughout the whole world. Visit us at: www.aguppyproductions.com Send feedback to: debbie@aguppyproductions.com


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