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The world's first English accent, pronunciation, and cultural connection VIDEO training app ~ with online course. This How to Sound Fluent, Like a Native ...

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The world's first English accent, pronunciation, and cultural connection VIDEO training app ~ with online course. This How to Sound Fluent, Like a Native English Speaker online course (paid) is a step-by-step training system to help professionals sound clear, confident & native English at work. If you’re a professional who struggles with spoken North American English, you may feel: • It's holding you back from your income potential or advancement, • You lack confidence in meetings or in presentations, or • You're frustrated about repeating yourself and don't know how to fix it. Maybe you even feel: • Overwhelmed with how much time it takes to sound fluent or native English. • Overwhelmed by not even knowing where to begin. • Freaked out about the thought of doing this on your own. But it's actually possible to get clear, confident and speak at the level that matches your professional skill. 1000's have been progressing and you can, too! USERS SAY "Definitely worth it! This online course is simply the key to all the secrets about sounding fluent and great! Sincerely thanks to this course I improved a lot. “ ~ Alexis Desloges, Business Owner "The videos are awesome and I have learned in minutes what no one could teach me in decades. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to speak a lot more clearly and with confidence. " - HQ, Business Analyst "This app takes the learning experience to a whole different level. Having your English coach at hand, anytime you need it, is invaluable. I highly recommend it! - LB, Lawyer "For the first time in ten years somebody has been able to give some rules and principles....I am now doing my best to use them in my day to day speech, not only on set." - FG, Actor THIS ONLINE (& MOBILE) COURSE INCLUDES: STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM WITH 8 CORE MODULES RICH VIDEOS WITH TRANSCRIPTS TRAIN YOURSELF METHODOLOGY™ QUIZZES & CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT ACTION PLANS INTERACTIONS DOWNLOADABLE TRANSCRIPTS, QUIZ QUESTIONS AND BINDER NOTES SUPPORT WITH COLLEAGUES & CAMILLA SMITH, TRAINER (VIA PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP) AND MORE VIDEO TRAINING TOPICS Spoken vs. Written / Culture and Judgement / The Principle of English Intonation (PEI) / Rules of English Intonation / Pace Modification / The Schwa / The "Ah" Vowel Sound / The "Ae" and "Uh" Sounds / The English R / The Flapped T / Main Trainer & Giving / Tools and Techniques / Set Phrases / Phrasal Verbs / The TH / The Held T / Glides in Long Vowels / Walls and Tails / "Ih" vs "Ee" Vowel Sounds / The 1234 Process / Top Two Techniques / and more Get effective training now!


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Version: 2.0

Size: 37.4 MB


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Developed by ACCENT PRO Institute Inc.

Day of release: 2013-05-28

Recommended age: 17+

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