The "Accent Builder" application is a tool that aids people in correctly speaking the English language. This application, familiarizes you with the English ...

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The "Accent Builder" application is a tool that aids people in correctly speaking the English language. This application, familiarizes you with the English alphabets and their phonetics. User may know correct pronunciations of the sentences and phrases in 'text to speech' zone. It also assists English-speaking people, by providing them with the correct way(s) to pronounce English words, sentences & phrases in an internationally accepted manner.The "Accent Builder" application aids the Italian, French, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese-speaking people by helping them to learn, how to correctly pronounce English words. The simple user interface of the application and presentation of the data in the native language(s) makes this application versatile and easy to use. You can easily read this application as in defaults it picks a language from your handset language settings. It makes it extremely user friendly. This application has four modules: 1) Home page 2) Settings 3) Text To Speech 4) Demo You can easily navigate to these pages by pressing the required button(s), displayed on the top of every page. Its "Text to speech" module works with Internet connectivity and the rest of the application works even without it. Home page gives a direction to the application. It has three options inside namely - Settings, Text to speech, and Demo, the functionality for which has been defined below. You can easily navigate between these pages by pressing the required button(s). Navigating back to the home page too is simple and easy. Settings page provides the following functionalities: · You can change the language of the application in which you would like to view this application. By default, this application picks the language from the settings of your handset, the one you have already selected in your handset for your comfort. It facilitates you to set your application locale other than iPhone locale settings. · Volume control provides you the control over audio volume of Text to Speech. · It displays the application elements according to your Language specification. The TTS feature of the application helps to improve the English Accent. It helps to convert any text in English language to Speech. This feature requires Internet connectivity. In case of non-availability of Internet connectivity, an alert is shown by the Application, which displays the message "Network Error". To enjoy TTS functionality, you need to click on the "Text To Speech" button on the home page. This click will take you to the page where the text that needs to be listened is typed. To listen the typed text, you need to press the 'Speak' button. If you want to interrupt the listening in between you can press the "Stop" button. To go back to Home page, click on the "Home" button. Demo page gives you demonstration on the use of the application. It teaches you the correct pronunciation of the English alphabets. English language has 26 letters with 5 vowels and 21 consonants. To check out its demonstration, you just need to touch the alphabet, the one you want this application to speak. You can press an alphabet, as many times as you want to hear. This functionality works even if you don't have internet connectivity in your handset. It is a simplest way to learn how to speak English. These alphabets have been arranged left to right beginning with first alphabet "A" and so onto a new line up to alphabet "Z". The click on "Back" Button on top of alphabets brings you back to the "Home" page. This application is of great help to those, who are beginners and even to those, who are in search of an internationally accepted manner to pronounce English.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 780.86 KB


Price: 0,89 €

Developed by Seasia Infotech

Day of release: 2011-01-6

Recommended age: 4+

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