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See user feedback below. Fully customizable "Button Accordion" with internal sounds or/and MIDI capability. MIDI file record/play functions included (only ...

Discontinued App

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See user feedback below. Fully customizable "Button Accordion" with internal sounds or/and MIDI capability. MIDI file record/play functions included (only for iPad). If you think this could be useful also for the iPhone, please send me a comment. Tested on iPod touch, iPhone4, iPhone5, iPad, iPad Air. This App makes more fun on a iPad (specially iPad Air) or iPad mini, but can be used also on iPhones. If you have two iPhones, you can play the melody on the first iPhone and the bass/chord on the second one (may be your older iPhone). A second person could play drums with the same App. - Full customizable "Button Accordion" (Melody, Bass, Chord). - Button sizes can be adapted separated for melody and bass side. - Customizable "Drum Pad". - Can be used as General MIDI sound module (virtual instrument) with 16 channels, 128 instruments and 1 drum set. - Supports rotation 180° reducing cable problems. - Full MIDI support, if using an external MIDI device like the "iRig MIDI". - Customer "SoundFont" can be placed in the shared iTunes folder. The name must be "GM_instruments.sf2" and it must support the general MIDI sound set including drums. Large "SoundFont" files may not work. Use very small "SoundFonts", when you do not have an "iPhone5", "iPad Air", "iPad mini Retina" or a newer device. For this devices you can try e.g. the "bennetng_AnotherGS_v2-1.sf2". - You can change instrument, velocity, volume, reverb, chorus, octave and panorama for each channel. - Local sound ON/OFF. - MIDI Thru ON/OFF. - Integrated Help. - Simple tutorial, how to play Accordion for beginners. - Get best results with MIDI adapter and a "General MIDI" sound module or Keyboard (set "Local sound" to OFF). - Use "Accordion" as master keyboard for your MIDI sound module or real time arranger e.g. the "Ketron XD3". - This App is not made for live performance. Only for iPad: - "Open with Accordion" possible, when clicking on MIDI file (e.g. in Safari). - MIDI file record and play functions - MIDI files are stored in the shared iTunes folder - MIDI file search, rename and delete functions - Can record what you play while MIDI file is playing - You can mute MIDI file channels that you will play yourself or that are not wonted - Song position can be set - Master volume of the played MIDI file can be set - Tempo can be changed (max. two times faster) - Mail export possibility in file dialogue Known Problems: - In iOS 7 there is a function called "Multitasking ...". Please set the switch to OFF (in iPad, Settings, General). If you don't do that, playing with multiple fingers does not work correctly! - Holding down e.g. two buttons on the bass side a long time while playing multiple notes together on the melody side, makes the iPad playing himself unwanted notes. Try to rotate the iPad (180°) to minimize the problem. When the iPad is connected to the Mac (lightning cable) this effect did not happen. This is an iPad touch screen problem. - Important note if the "MIDI In" does not work: After changes in the iOS 6 update, it appears that when you launch a new App that uses MIDI, the MIDI device will fall offline, and the only way to reset the connection is to unplug the MIDI device and reconnect while the new App is open. User feedback: Great !! ***** by rafael_ollero - Version 1.0.2 - Dec 11, 2013 Really great Accordion app. I like a way to export the recorded midi files, "open in" or by mail. I miss Audiobus. audiob.us


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Version: 1.0.3

Size: 36.63 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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