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Keep all of your important numbers in one place. Everything from frequent flyer to license plates are easy to store and retrieve. Complete, Convenient: * ...

Discontinued App


Keep all of your important numbers in one place. Everything from frequent flyer to license plates are easy to store and retrieve. Complete, Convenient: * Books * Bank account * Car Rental * Credit / Debit * Fitness * Frequent flier * Grocery * Hotel * Insurance * Identification * Library * Licence Plate * Movies * Retirement * Shopping * Travel Safe, Secure, Private. Safe: Use a password to protect your account numbers. Secure: Password protect access. Trust Apple's Hardware Data Protection. For maximum security Auto lock your iPhone. Private: Show only what you want when you want. We leave all your data on your phone where it belongs. The screen is viewable in both vertical and horizontal positions, allowing you to share your number in real time with a customer service associate...no need to hassle with credit forms after the fact! Handy Uses: * Get all the reward points you earn! * Fill out forms with confidence. * Keep your data private. * Reduce communication mistakes. * Minimize wallet clutter. * Display exactly what you want to. * Copy the number out for use in web forms. * Edit existing numbers easily. Business Traveler Adventure Tourist Parent Student Lost Wallet * Business Traveler: Joe Smith is a salesman. He travels at least once every month and has at least 5 frequent flyer numbers, 5 rental car numbers, and 12 Hotel loyalty numbers. On every trip he gets to the desk and finds that his number has not been entered. He pulls out his iPhone, and shows the desk agent his number. Joe is able to use his loyalty points to take his family on vacation. * Adventure Tourist: Fred Jones LOVES to kayak. In pursuit of white water Fred goes on at least one major international trip every year. Fred no longer worries about emergencies because every number he needs is in a secure location. Fred has his passport number, Consular phone number, reservation numbers, etc in one convenient location. Fred has a fantastic time free of worry. * Parent: Susan Sharp is a parent of three active children. Susan shops at three different Grocery stores, each of which has a loyalty program. Each one of her children has student numbers, social security numbers and other information she needs on forms on a daily basis. Susan's day is simpler because she now has the numbers she needs where and when she needs them. * Student: Sarah Swift just started university. She has a student Id number, two library card numbers, and an emergency credit card number. She does not always carry her wallet on campus, but she ALWAYS has her iPhone! She can now check out books from the school library AND the city library whenever she needs. Sarah is also active and has several combination locks for her bicycle, and lockers. Account vault keeps these combinations safe, just in case. * Lost Wallet: Harold Clumsy just lost his wallet. It is possible that it is behind the couch at a friends, but why take the chance? He has all of his credit card and bank account numbers recorded in Account Vault, so he contacts the companies and lets them know the cards should be replaced.


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Version: 1.0

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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