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Accountant Universal Calculator, for iPad and iPhone, is the perfect calculator for general everyday use. Use it for adding columns of numbers, invoicing, ...

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Accountant Universal Calculator, for iPad and iPhone, is the perfect calculator for general everyday use. Use it for adding columns of numbers, invoicing, point-of-sale receipt generation, income taxes, VAT and percentages, and much more. Save & retrieve important paper tape files for later use. Review & edit numbers, add or delete lines. You can also export paper tape files to iBooks©, DropBox©, Email or your favorite printing utility (see the FAQs). The iPad features a full sized (1:1) keypad with TypeTone, a unique audio aid to help guide your finger back to the center of a key. Try before you buy. Find our 'Accountant Free Universal' in the App Store. ========== CPA's and Accountants: Please find 'Adding Machine: 10 Key Calc HD' by Interlocken Technology in the iPad App Store which is a 10-key compliant adding machine with reverse numeric/operator entry to add streams of numbers (see the 1st FAQ below). ========== ========== Recent Press for our 'Accountant' series of calculator apps: ● Proudly ranked in "Top 10 - Finance" in the App Store. ● Strategic Finance (Tools of the Trade): "If you're looking for a professional desk calculator…..check out Interlocken's 'Accountant for iPad'." ● "Whether you're tracking your monthly budget, coming up with an estimate of costs for a project you're working on....this App should be your first choice." ========== About ========== ● Universal App for both iPhone and iPad ● Review up to 350 lines of your paper tape and fix errors as needed. ● Freely chain + - x / % 1/x √ ● Print a PDF file to iBooks, Dropbox, Email, or your favorite printing utility. ● Add comments using voice dictation. ● Add, delete and modify lines and recompute results automatically. ● UNDO/REDO. ● Save and Rename paper tapes to disk for later use. ● 3 display formats: fixed, fix+, float ● Comprehensive set of help screens. ● Realistic keypad sounds. ● International number formatting (Settings -> General -> International -> iPad Features: ======== ● TypeTone(c) - a major innovation to aid accurate key entry using audio feedback. ● Tax+ / Tax- keys ● Full size (1:1) realistic keyboard. ● 4 Orientations ● Lock keypad for left or right handed use iPhone Features: ======== ● Multiple keypads ● Select from 5 background colors ● Set a paper tape font size ========== FAQs Q1. What is the difference between the 'Accountant' apps and Interlocken's '10 Key Calculators' in the iPad App. Store.? A1. Both 'Accountant' and '10 Key Calc' are single-column adding devices. ‘Accountant’ supports the free chaining of +, -, x, /, %, √, 1/x and is easier to use while the '10 Key Calcs' uses reverse number/operator the same as a 10 Key Adding Machine commonly used by professional CPA's and Accountants. Q2. Can I touch-type? A2. The iPad version of this app. has several aids for touch-typing: TypeTone variable audio feedback, 1:1 scale keyboard, or, scale and reposition the keyboard to fit your hand best. There is also support for right and left-handers. Q3. How do I edit an incorrect number or add & delete lines from the paper tape? A3. Touch any line of the paper tape to go into edit mode. Touch the side controls: Add Line, Delete Line. You can also edit numbers, and split groups. Press Done to return to Calculator mode. Q4. Tell me about Email, Printing, and Exporting a Paper Tape. A4. From the Export dialog, select: Email, Print, Copy or Open-In. Email includes a pdf attachment. Print to an AirPrint capable printer. Open-In will cause a menu of 3rd party Apps to appear that can receive a hardcopy of your paper tape; such as, iBooks, DropBox, and 3rd party printer Apps for Brother, HP, Epson, Canon and more.


Technical specifications

Version: 7.6au

Size: 15.5 MB


Price: 4,80 €

Developed by Richard Silverman

Day of release: 2012-10-20

Recommended age: 4+

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