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OUR INSPIRATION FOR THIS APP ----------------------------------------------- We developed this app for our own son since he was struggling with math in ...

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OUR INSPIRATION FOR THIS APP ----------------------------------------------- We developed this app for our own son since he was struggling with math in 4th grade, and he wanted to be at the same level as his friends in the Math Time Test they do every week - he's very competitive. He wanted the ability to submit scores and compare with his friends as well as see who can earn the most achievements in the game - hence the ability to submit the score to a global score board (Game Center) as well as to earn achievements. Needless to say, he's excited to compete now with his friends, and WE ARE THRILLED that he finds doing Math FUN. SUITABLE FOR CLASSROOM USE ----------------------------------------------- We designed the app to be able to use in the classroom setting as well as home setting. The math problem are in easy-to-read large fonts and easily visible for classroom use. We wanted teachers to be able to use it in their classroom as an interactive fun tool to replace or supplement traditional paper flash cards. FEATURES ----------------------------------------------- 1) 4 Math Focus Areas: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division 2) 3 Difficulty Settings: Easy, Medium, and Hard 3) 2 Speed Time Intervals: 60 Seconds and 120 Seconds 4) Submit Game to Global Score Leader Board (Game Center) 5) Earn up to 68 Achievements, totally 1000 points 6) Post Game Analysis - Review the questions that they got right and wrong. MATH PROBLEMS TYPES ----------------------------------------------- 1) Addition 2) Subtraction 3) Multiplication 4) Division POST GAME ANALYSIS ---------------------------------------------- 1) Displays the questions answered 2) Show the questions answered wrong with what the child answer and what the correct answer is - useful to see what they did and learn from the mistakes. 3) Show the Score and Accuracy Percentage 4) Shows the Score Achievements and Accuracy Achievements Earned during the game SCORE LEADER BOARDS ---------------------------------------------- 1) 60 Seconds Speed Test - Addition 2) 60 Seconds Speed Test - Subtraction 3) 60 Seconds Speed Test - Multiplication 4) 60 Seconds Speed Test - Division 5) 120 Seconds Speed Test - Addition 6) 120 Seconds Speed Test - Subtraction 7) 120 Seconds Speed Test - Multiplication 8) 120 Seconds Speed Test - Division


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 12.67 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Arch Square

Day of release: 2011-10-22

Recommended age: 4+

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